Jesus signs in the sky and on the Earth – are they real?

People all over the world see amazing signs of Jesus? Do they tell us that He is coming soon?!

Jesus signs in the sky

Bible holds for us an amazing promise. Jesus said He would come back for His church at the end of times. Even the first Apostles said we live in the last days. However, 2000 later we still are expecting His return. These days people start seeing Jesus images in all kinds of places – on heaven above and on earth below. Are these the signs of His coming?

Amazing Jesus signs

Now we have the technology to capture and share these signs. People find cross and Jesus images in many unbelievable places. Those range from the clouds on the sky to walls and even cooking gear. Let’s see some of them.

Household items’ Jesus signs

A man saw Jesus face on a pan! It really resembles our Savior’s appearance, at least for how we used to see Him on various Jesus pictures.

Jesus signs on the Earth

A woman saw his face on her iron! The most incredible place for such an image!

 in the sky and on the Earth

Someone has spotted Jesus face on the wooden wall. It does look like an icon!

The signs of Jesus in the sky

These people took the photographs of the most unusual cloud formations. They just look like crosses and there is no doubt about it.

Another person spotted the hands of God on the sky!

hands of God on the sky!

Finally, we get the wooden post crucifix!

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Are these signs of the second coming of Jesus?

Jesus is coming soon, and we know that from the surest prophetic word – the Bible. All these signs are great, but the Word of God is the most trustworthy witness. Many of the ancient prophecies have been fulfilled during our lives!


Yes the lord Jesus christ is surely coming back but only for the holy and pure prepared people, thats why he has sent his mighty prophet David Owour from kenya to all over the world to prepare the church for the glorius coming back of Jesus Christ, you also can prepare for for eternity of peace and joy more can be found through this website www.repentandpreparetheway.org/

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