Kano Beheading: why is it hard to defend Islam?

A woman was beheaded in Kano for allegedly offending some Muslim youths. How does the government react to it? And what do the Nigerians think of all this barbaric actions?

Kano beheading

Thursday evening turned out to be a tragedy for a Christian family in Kano. Mrs Bridget Agbahime was beheaded by certain Muslim radicals at her working place.

She worked at the Kofar Wambai market in Kano city. She was selling plastic when an argument happened between her and a few Muslim young men. Being a Christian she did not lose her temper; however, did not support certain of their views. With a claim that she blasphemed against the Prophet Mohammad, they punched her and then killed.

The youths were so angry that they also tried to reach out for her husband; however, as someone called the police earlier he was protected by the policemen. That absolutely saved his life.

As a pastor of a Deeper Life Church, Pastor Mike Agbahime is in deep sorrow together with his whole congregation. As they say, his wife, the victim of the incident, was a devoted mother, a wife and a Christian.

For a few days authorities remained silent giving no hint of the investigation to start. People starting sending numerous requests to the government, and the President Muhammadu Buhari made a speech in which he expresses “his deepest regrets of the loss in Agbahime family”.

Kano islam

However, this incident has raised a question: why is to hard to defend Islam? Well, I can say that it really is hard to do that! Seeing a great number of prosecutions they start against Christian and even non-believers you can’t but think of all the hatred this religion proclaims.

As the Muslims themselves state they do not support such barbaric actions. Even if the woman did not support Islam, it is her right and her responsibility for what she believes in.

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As they explain, the riots that took place in Kano is only a sign of how illiterate these people are. They do not what their religion teaches and take certain abstracts to use in a way they want to which leads to massive massacres, prosecutions and suicide bombers.

Kano city

God of the Bible told us to be peacemakers and not seek the fulfillment of our sinful desires but God’s ones. Murdering people for believing otherwise is not an option. Civilized discussion is a better way and the only one to share your opinion.

You will never convert a person into your religion by threatening her. Moreover, it is God’s responsibility to draw people near to Him; He knows the hearts of people and knows how to talk to them to persuade them. We are never able to do that without him.

As we see a rise of terroristic acts organized by radical Islamists it is hard to stay cool. Some Muslims wrote that it is not easy for them too. This is not the religion they know. They claim that Islam does not teach hatred; however, this is what we see.

Kano city

Somehow with the course of time people started associating Islam and Terrorism. If Islam indeed is “the religion of light and peace”, of it truly consists of educated followers ready to have an open civilized discussion without having a need to stab a person that does not support your idea, I want to see that. And I am sure Nigerians want to see it too.

So far we can only pray for the family of the deceased woman so that God will comfort them and bring them peace in their hearts. It is a great loss and a real tragedy; however, forgiveness gives us peace and makes us feel what it is like for God to forgive us when we do way worse things before Him.

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