Kissing before marriage also a sin?

What is your oppion about kissing before marriage

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What is a kiss? What happens during a kiss? Try to answer to these two questions. Instead of asking "Why not?" put the question "What do I want to achieve, to aspire to, when I kiss a girl (boy)?"

Most often I hear answers like: "It's a physical expression of my love", "I want to do something nice for the man in love (in love)", "I like kissing".

1) the Physical expression of love - care, not kiss. "Love seeks not its own"

2) while kissing the stuffing occurs in the blood hormones that are responsible for sexual arousal, accompanied by the flow of blood to the groin. That is physiologically, kissing is part of foreplay before sexual intercourse, preparing a man and a woman to the process. I do not think it necessary to remind that such a relationship is permitted by God only for a husband and wife.

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