Lagos pastor's luxurious lifestyle: Check out Tom Samson's Hummer Limo

How does a rich pastor look like? Why does he drive the most expensive cars? Where does Tom Samson get money for luxury life? Find out all the rumors here! Do not miss it!

Tom Samson

Lagos pastor, whose name is Tom Samson, from popular Christ Royal Family International Church, is very famous because of his extravagant and luxurious lifestyle and really lush preferences.

rich pastor

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He likes expensive clothes, cars and entertainment. Yesterday he visited an award show, which is Classic African Merit Awards. He came to the event in his new Hummer Limo, which he had got from some of his worshippers.

nigerian pastor

The photos of pastor’s lifestyle have already exploded the web. Nowadays the rich pastors are become wide-spread in all the regions of Nigeria. But is it good? It’s up to you!

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