Life after death: scientists say it exists!

Is life after death real? Find out what the scientists have discovered!

Life after death

How can one prove there is life after death? Well, scientists have questioned over 2000 people and the results are amazing!

Is life after death real?

Bible tells us that this life is not all we have. Once we die we have the eternal destination to arrive at and it would be based on what we did here on Earth. Some go to heaven to be with the Lord being redeemed by Jesus, while others, who refused Him, go to hell for eternal punishment.

For many years scientists argued and even made fun of such a notion. They believed matter is all there is and once you die, you stay dead. However, the new research proves that life after death is real.

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 after death

One UK university carried out a study. They involved over 2000 people, who experienced clinical death and it was proven by the doctors. Then they somehow got back to life. Their stories are amazing.

University of Southampton researchers talked to people from all over the world. 40% of those who were legally dead, but came back to life told that they never stopped existing. They kept on living outside their bodies.

Only few of them felt “being out of body”. The rest of these people were fully present and aware of their personalities. Some people felt fear, others could retell exactly all the events that took place after their death. So, science no longer laughs at religion! 


Also there are heaven and hell testimonies all over the world ,examples include sister linda ngaujah from Sierra Leone and Angelina Zambrano who were shown people screaming and begging for mercy in hell, wishing they come to earth to repent and be born again, yes heaven and hell is real

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