Listening To Music And Songs Are Illegal In Islam: ?


Somali Islamists silence sound of music

Mogadishu-based radio stations stopped playing all music Tuesday following an ultimatum by hardline Islamist militia, in a sign of the insurgents' tightening grip on the Somali capital.

The city's 14 radio stations turned off the Western, Arabic and modern Somali and other African music that fills up their 18-hour broadcast time after an ultimatum by the Hezb al-Islam group expired.

Hezb al-Islam, which controls patches of the war-wracked Somali capital, had given the popular stations 10 days to shut down "evil" music broadcasts.

"Today we see an official crackdown on the independent media, The local radio stations stopped playing any kind of music or songs after the deadline given by the Islamists came to an end," said Mohamed Ibrahim, an official of the National Union of Somali Journalists.

"We denounce the move as a gross violation against the freedom of expression, because order after order means there will not be any independent media in this country," he told AFP.

The militants' threat affected all radio stations in both government and Islamist-controlled areas of Mogadishu and programme signature tunes were replaced with random animal or vehicle sounds, an AFP correspondent reported.

Hezb al-Islam and the Al Qaeda-linked Shebab militants control much of Mogadishu, the scene of near-daily clashes with the Western-backed Somali government forces.

"The ban was the most appropriate move towards eliminating evil deeds because listening to music and songs are illegal in Islam and anybody who goes against the orders will face consequences," Sheik Mohamed Ibrahim, a top Hezb al-Islam leader, told AFP.

"Praise be to Allah, the local media understood the importance of the decision and they implemented it. So far we don’t hear music from most radios in Mogadishu," he added

Radio executives said they had no choice but to comply.

"We abide by their rules by abstaining from broadcasting music and songs and instead we are using traditional poems from today on," said Mohamed Haji Bare, director general of Danan Radio.

"No one dares disobey the orders otherwise you put your life in danger," said Osman Gure, the director of Radio Shabelle, a popular Mogadishu station.

"This morning I broadcast my programme without the music sound bites. Everything is falling apart in this country and if we ignore what they (Islamists) say, we ignore our safety," said Abdiaziz Mohamed Dirie, an editor of Mogadishu's Simba radio.

In recent years, the insurgents have imposed a series of restrictions such as outlawing watching films and football, ordering men to grow beards and destroying the graves of moderate Islamic clerics.

Offenders of their brand of strict sharia, or Islamic law, are often flogged in public, have their limbs amputated or face a firing squad.

Somalia, a Horn of Africa nation blighted by relentless civil war since 1991, is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists.

Nine journalists were killed there last year by armed militias, who also often kidnap foreign reporters for ransom. (AFP)

My Comment

The extremism of Islamist fundamentals needs be urgently checked-mated to forstall its florish in a peace seeking state like Nigeria. In as much as Somalia is failed, the ugly manifestation of the new forms of sharia(?) in the region informs that the worst of what the fascist can resort to cannot yet be fathomed out. Let our muslim brethren, clerics and leaders actively vocally and visibly rebuff all forms of repugnant impositions that would affect the rights of the others. Let the level of sharia practice to graduate to the level we read in other states. Excuse that the impositors in Somalia are militants or lack understanding of the Holy Book should not be offered as congent reason. The Nigerian populace have suffered innocently from the few , ignorant and militant actors while the vast majority muslims who are knowledgeable and civilized stand and watch. Note that our silence means approval.

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You remind me of a corrupt mind. And not all Islamic is waht you think they are. But no Islamic music should be mondane, meaningless and human worship and praising, and agitating sexual overtures.


Islam does not forbid music and or song in its or their entirity. Afterall, recitation of Quran is almost like singing, reciter is to beautify the voice during recitation. Singing is permitted in time of happiness. Allah can be praised, Islam can be romanticized, Muhammad (AS) can be spoken about by singing it.

Arabs, in my view are not the yardmark of Islam. Quran is. Muhammad was. His companions were. The nxt generation and the next were. After these, I am certain that any deviation, by anyone, group, nation, arab or not is at best temporarily hypocritical, until returning to the Quran and Sunnah. At worse outright hypocrite because of lack of beneficial knowledge.


@ Jhonokon

This modern society get use to music and songs, despite the fact that listening to them is haram in Islam, these things psychologically affects muslims from listening or reading the Holy Qur'an. Unfortunately, Muslims youth are use to music everywhere, schools, homes etc.

I recently realised that those of Muslims who busy themselves with listening to musics of any kinds (from various media: mobile,cds, mp3, laptops) and are use to it. They won't have time to study, read the Holy Qur'an on their own, and whenever you put it where they are present they will tell you, you better stop it, because noise/talks is going on, and Islam prevents playing / reading Qur'an while noice/talks is going on, or they will use any sort of excuse. Infact, their heart will gradually start disliking sounds of Qur'an, but they cannot verbally tell you to stop the Reading / Playing it, but alot of friends tell me that and I noticed it too, those of Muslims youth who are music lovers don't have time for Qur'an anymore, except in the mosque where it has to be recited whether they like it there or not. This is my view.

I will appreciate comments from Muslims who know this is happening.

For more details regarding whether listening to Music is haram or not visit http://www.islam-qa.com/en/ref/5000/listening%20to%20music

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