Nigerian pastors caught in adultery, who are they?

People are wondering whether pastors have sins. Now you’ll make sure they do. Which pastors were caught in adultery? What punishment will they get? You’ll find all the answers in this article.

 pastor was caught in adultery

When Nigerian pastors were caught in adultery, it always became the real scandal all over the country. Unfortunately, these people are not always ‘saint’ or even good. They sometimes do very bad things, however, they know what sin is, very well.

But first let's just find out the difference between fornication and adultery. One saint has called fornication ‘a fulfillment of lust made without resentment to another’, and adultery – ‘a libel and insult of other people's alliance’.

pastor with sin

Fornication is a pre-marital sex. Unfortunately, we are too used to this issue. Less people cultivate the habit of keeping their passions and desires for their future partner. Premarital sexual relations teach person irresponsibility for the consequences of their promises and actions, teach to build their plans for life, not taking into account the views and goals of the person with whom they do not connect their lives.

 ‘You shall not steal’. Everyone knows it well. But what about wives?  The adulterer steals someone’s wife in deed! The majority of divorces begins with a lie in the relationship between spouses. So besides stealing, there is also a ruining of someone’s family. Nigerian pastor, caught in adultery, never talked about woman’s husband or family but only about himself. About his problem.

Few people aspire to adultery. Usually, adultery comes from the fact that a person does not see the danger of some of the situations, not away from them, having their own beliefs; therefore requires constant control over their thoughts.

real adultery

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After all, sin (especially carnal ones) begins with thoughts. As evil thoughts proceed from within, out of the heart. So adulteries, fornication, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness appear.

Thoughts can stop the woman or man. There ideas, like: ‘I'll tell his wife that I have to stay on the job late’ or ‘I’ll say I have an evening with friends’. But they do not always have time to come round and ask themselves: ‘What am I going to do?’ But deep in soul they all know what they are doing. They just do not want to stop.

crying woman

And you have to find the strength to move away from sin of the body, even if it has already appeared in the heart. Adultery is horrible crime committed overt consciousness and immoral midges that he is consciously or unconsciously counting on impunity. ‘Our job is not to give birth, stay incognito - to enjoy life’ – this is their slogan. Pastors, caught in adultery, were having fun, totally sure that none could have found them.

The woman, who lets this situation happen, always runs the risk of incurring much greater trouble: the problem with extramarital pregnancies, and the hurt feelings of love and fidelity.

But a lot of Nigerian pastors decided ‘to follow’ their desire, so they began the relationships with married women.

Nigerian pastors caught in adultery list:

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

1. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Sunday Adelaja

2. Pastor Sunday Adelaja

Pastor Chika Mbonu

3. Pastor Chika Mbonu

Tsitsi Mukwamba

4. Pastor Tsitsi Mukwamba

Prophet Obi O.

5. Prophet Obi O.

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