Pastor from Edo state predicts explosion and deaths in Cameroon

Edo State Pastor predicts the future and according to his predictions, Cameroon is expected to have a new wave of bombers. Johnson Suleiman asks people to pray for Cameroon.

Pastor`s predctions

Edo State Pastor predicts a catastrophe in Cameroon. Johnson Suleiman is one of the pastors in Edo State. His church is situated in Auchi. Recently, in the news, the pastor revealed that he had been provided with a warning. This warning came to him from heavens. According to the warnings, Cameroon should pray for its salvation, as in the next days there is going to be exploding in this countries. The Edo state Pastor warnings shocked the local communities. Nevertheless, it seems that the words of pastor have its grounds. Unfortunately, Cameroon can be attacked from the side of terrorist groups which are quite active in modern times.

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Johnson Suleiman

Pastor`s predictions may have a certain point. Nevertheless, Johnson`s ideas of Cameroon getting hit by explosives are too loud. Moreover, he can`t provide any relevant information about the exact time or place. It means that any catastrophe, that certainly has some relevant percentage of happening, this catastrophe can be used as ground bases for proves that Pastor was right. The words of the pastor have no grounds right now and with a certain amount of promotion, the words may only cause panic amongst citizens of Cameroon.

Johnson Suleiman

Certainly, one of the Nigerian terrorist groups, Boko Haram threatened nearby countries. This Islamic terrorist poses threats to the North of the country. They provided the proves that their threats were not just words when several bombers killed innocent people in Nigeria. Moreover, they prepare more bombers for the attacks and with the help of social networks, use them to cause chaos and panic in African countries. Nevertheless, the threat of Boko Haram is pretty obvious to grasp, and just words of Pastor about possible bombings in Cameroon without exact dates and places are staying just words of warnings. Therefore, the possibility of happening explosives stays at the same level, but anxiety about them rises.

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