Prayer for the dead: does it work?

Is praying for the dead effective? Can you save your loved ones doing it? Learn the truth now.

Prayer for the dead

People are always looking for easy ways out of the situation. One of such shortcuts is the prayer for the dead. Can you do that and does it work? Let’s get some answers.

What Bible tells us about the prayer for the dead?

Bible does not leave us guessing on the efficacy of the prayer for the dead. It gives us a clear answer on it:

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment…” (Hebrews 9:27)

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God tells us how the life and death work. He has appointed for any person to die one time and then the judgment. It means we all have the free will. We can make our decisions and change our destiny, but… only as long as we live on this Earth.

Once a person dies, their free will is annulated. It’s time for the judgment. All the things you have done in this life are to be presented before God. All your public life and your private as well will be judged by Him.

The destiny after the death of the person cannot be changed. It is what it is. The decision is made here on Earth, while the person is still alive. You know, they say God has no grandchildren. This means every person has to make their decision to believe in Jesus and to receive His forgiveness of sins. If that did not happen during their lives, they are doomed. There is no way of changing their eternal destiny by praying for the dead.

Prayer for the dead

Is praying for the dead useless?

Gospel of Luke 16 tells us the parable of the rich man and the poor Lazarus. It shows that nothing can be changed in the eternity. So, no matter how hard you pray or how strong your faith is, you cannot change the afterlife. That is why it is so important for us to preach the Gospel and tell people the good news of God’s forgiveness and grace.

Pray for the living to receive the grace of God and eternal life here while they can do it. Praying for the dead is a type of sorcery and it does not please God!

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