Reverend King – Why would he die by hanging?

Will Rev King really be put to death by hanging? Find out the latest news.

This story has been in Nigerian news. Rev. Chukwuemeka Ezeugo or just Rev King was judged and accused of murder. He was initially sentenced to 20 years of prison and death by hanging. Today we got fresh news on the case.

Reverend King – Why would he die

Reverend King was a part of Christian Praying Assembly in Lagos. After being convicted in murder he filed his case to the Supreme Court to get it revised. He did not confess or agree with the sentence of being hanged for killing one of the members of his church.

Reverend King – Why would he die

This situation has evoked some strong emotions both in those outside the church and among the fans of Rev King. Back in 2013 they have even threated to boil over and cause distress in Nigeria, if the verdict would be carried out and their leader terminated. There have been several conflicts involved with the followers of this minister. It seems like he keeps on having power over the minds of his adepts even from the prison cell.

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Reverend King die

The new ruling eliminated the 20 years of prison, but supported the death by hanging verdict on Rev King. The Justice Walter Onoghen sees the events of the case as being taken from some horror movie. What do you think about it? Share your opinion.

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