Sex Demons: Who are incubus and succubus?

Who are the demons of lust? What can you tell about succubus and incubus? Read more to find out!

Sex demons

Lust is one of the seven human sins. According to Dante`s Inferno, the people who were accused in lust burn in the very center of the Nine Circles of Hell. According to Necronomicon, succubus and incubus are demons of lust. They come to sin people who are obsessed with sex desires. They were leading characters of nightmare tales for older kids when they were on the way of puberty. Boys were especially prone to get visited by the demons of lust, as the medicine and the whole understanding of human physiology during puberty. In that time the nocturnal emission was concerned as a sin or disease to be treated.

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Succubus definition

Succubus definition

Succubus is translated from a Latin as to lie under. It`s a creature described in medieval mythology as a life eater. Succubus is usually presented as a sexy woman who lies with men for their semen. The overall description may vary from entirely human form of a female to a demonic form which includes horns and hoofs. It`s also entirely possible that she is a shapeshifter and gives her true form only after sex. She may shape into the appearance of a beloved or desired woman of man, according to his wish.

Succubus sex demon

Like many demons, she firstly makes her appearance in a dream where she gives a proposition to a man to lie with her in bed. If the person agrees to her plan, then he may have unforgettable sex for a price, and that`s may also vary from tastes of a demon. She may ask a life for sex or just semen, but it`s her choice to make. In the age of inquisition of Europe, many women were suspected of heresy and witchcraft, and it was believed that witch could be a one of succubus shape or vice versa. Nevertheless, the fate of alleged women was horrible.

Incubus definition

Incubus Definition

It`s a male counterparts of the succubus. Supposedly, the incubus from Latin means to lie upon. Incubus`s target are horny and lusty females, and the price is also high. If the succubus goal is semen or life, Incubus also may impregnate women with a demon child. As every demon, the incubus can`t come or visit women if he was not summoned or invited. If succubus was a nightmare tale of man, then incubus was for women, especially for one who seek sexual pleasure. Sex in the Middle Age was a taboo, and it was thought by the church that neither men nor women should share sexual pleasure. Love was from God, but lust was from Devil and for ignorant folks, it was announced that all pleasure from the sexual activity should be treated as lust.

Incubus sex demon

That`s why those demons were created. Of course, people from high branches of society used not to follow the rules for common folks and explore their sexual desires. Nevertheless, the church in the inquisition time didn`t leave those things unnoticed.

Modern Era

sex demons

Succubus and Incubus are favorite characters in many movies, novels and games. It seems like in the new age of technology they got new powers. They are quite used in emblems of dark metal and hardcore music. Also, they are quite popular in Satan church as the symbols of sexual freedom and revolt against the sexual control of a human. Nevertheless, succubus and incubus saved their key features throughout history and may have the continuance of their story.

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