The end of Ramadan: How do Muslims celebrate it?

What events are held in day of termination of a post? Are the dates of beginning of Eid al Fitr vary in different countries? Read the article to learn more facts about Muslim holidays.

Eid al Fitr 2016

The majority of Muslim countries began to celebrate Eid al Fitr 2016. This is a festival of the first meal after fast, which marks end of post in month Ramadan. It is called small holiday contrary to big holiday – Eid al Adha, sacrifice holiday.

Eid al Fitr 2016 is celebrated in the first three days of month Shavval. These days are filled with pleasure and fun. Muslims put on the best dresses, congratulate and visit each other, cook tasty and plentiful food. At the same time during this holiday Muslims have to report for last post, begin to serve sentence for its violation and to pay alms for each member of the family – so-called clarification of holiday of break. To provide this tax, theologians refer to special Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad: ‘The post of Ramadan hangs between heaven and earth until the Muslims gives the alms for him’.

On festival of the first meal after fast, it is recommended to give gifts, exchange traditional dishes with the closest neighbors. It is very important in days of a holiday to gather all the relatives and not to let out them from the house, because it is considered that souls of the dead come to the house at Eid al Fitr.

Ramadan 2016

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On festival of the first meal, general prayers in mosque or on special platforms are obligatory. In the sermon read by the mullah or the imam during the general church service, the believer hears about reality of passing of a post. It is allowed to be kept in the future.

For example, the part of one sermon sounds: 'Praise to the one who promised faithful keepers of post an entrance to paradise with the door called cool, in which enter only fasting during a month of Ramadan. Believing, everyone know that month Ramadan is a respectable and sacred month ends this day. We are sad and afflicted that this month has come to end. Goodbye, month of repentance, forgiveness and release from fire and hell. I was very cheerful, I have lived to the end blessed, but today with the eyes full of tears, I have to tell myself: goodbye, Ramadan! From the minute when you had intention to be removed, rest left me, the grief has embraced me. Among grief, in which I am shipped, I let out plaintive groans, I shed bloody tears. Despite weakness of my body, I have beheld your face with pleasure and I say with grief: 'Month Ramadan, farewell!'

Eid al Fitr 2016

After solemn church service, believers go to cemetery to remember the dead. In addition, tombs of local saints are visited. After that, men, having gathered in groups, visit houses of all recently died people and express condolences to their relatives. And families of the dead for the last year arrange commemoration with the invitation of mullah and relatives.

In days of the first meal fairs, at which national singers, dancers, puppeteers and jugglers show colorful representations, are organized. Brisk business on markets is done. Swing is arranged for youth and children. Sometimes people make fire, through which young Muslims jump. It should be noted that though the festival of the first meal after fast is considered small, it is celebrated very joyfully and with great expectations on happy existence next year.

Moon Sighting 2016

Almost in all Muslim countries business life stops practically for a week: banks are closed; exchange points, public institutions, schools and higher educational institutions don't work.

As a rule, special commissions created define day of holiday of the termination of Ramadan in each country. In particular, members of these commissions have to record emergence of Moon Sighting 2016. Therefore, approach of this holiday in the different countries can begin in different days.

Muslims of Libya have begun to celebrate Eid al Fitr the first. The Royal Court of Saudi Arabia declared Sunday the first day of festival. Also Muslims of the majority of the Arab countries, and also Iran, Malaysia and Indonesia finish a post. Residents of Morocco and Oman, where Eid al Fitr will come only on Monday will interrupt with the post last.

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