This Story About Child-Angel Has Moved My Heart Deeply. What This Kid Did Is Simple, But Powerful!

This story shows how God works through people on earth.


Does heaven ever touch the earth? Yes! Such things happen when divine mercy and kindness pours down into the hearts of mortals and show themselves in the most unexpected places and persons. This story reveals that true angels are among us!

One morning a family (mom and her two kids) went to do some shopping in the mall. They met an elderly couple, a wife and a husband. At this the wife was driving a wheel chair and her husband slowly walked by her side. Alas, a sad sight!

Most kids would not be even interested in such people, when so many toys and sweets are around. But this boy named Matt did not walk past by them. He stopped to chat in a childish manner. He wanted to know the names of the seniors and kindly talked to them.

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This child of 7 seems to know something most adults have long forgotten. After few minutes the mother told the boy they need to keep on shopping. Then he did the most touching and kind thing ever. He came closer to the elderly woman, gently touched her cheek and said that she has become his friend from now on.

All people present there were deeply touched by what the boy did. He has become the real angel bringing down a piece of heaven to the sad and suffering ones. He committed the act of mercy and taught us a sweet lesson: just few words, few minutes of your time and a touch can change someone’s life for better!   

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