Tonye-t, How Did Jesus Restore What Was Lost By Adam ?

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This is in response to your request from the other thread. Kindly explain how Jesus restored what was lost by Adam and what God expects Christians to do with what has been restored to them.

God bless you and other contributors. I also pray that this thread shall edify the body of Christ.

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The wages of Sin is death

God was Arrested by our love(agape)

He became man and was Convicted

He was Sentenced to Die by hanging in place of you and I (why? because he loved us)

His sin was that he loved us to become human and Lived amongst us to free us from sin.

By his death he said it is finished and we can now be called sons of God.

So that we cannot Live in sin against God and Man.



IS there a reason why God needs death to be appeased?

Why kill himself if Jesus is God?


What was Man in God’s original design?

- Man in spiritual terms meant “The Spirit of God existing in Earthen Vessel” – Read Psalms.8:4-6, Gen.2:7

- Man was made to live the same way as God did in Heaven, inotherwords, He was made an expression of Glory and Honour backed with dominion

- Man is a Spirit because He was designed to live forever

- Man was designed to fellowship with the Godhead

- Lest I forget, Man was designed not to labour nor suffer nor sweat nor cry but just RULE, and I repeat, just RULE, afterall that is what GOD does in heaven

Who was Adam?

- Fortunately enough, Adam became the first to bring this God’s design to reality, inotherwords Adam was just privileaged, God could have made any other person. How do you mean you may ask?, Bible refered to Adam as the FIRST MAN, and not the ONLY MAN. Hope you now know the difference btw Man and Adam

What is the Origin of Sin?

I read someone post up here and he said Adam never committed Sin but Eve did, Yes I agree in carnal reality but scripturally I don’t agree. How do I mean? Do you recall that eve was made from Adam, So eve existed through Adam. Meaning Eve was Adam and Adam was God ( read 1.cor.11:7)

What happened after the Fall?

- Like I posted up here, the effect was that, because Spirits don’t die, the spirit of God in Adam became LIFELESS, meaning this spirit was cut-off from its root which was GOD and ruled by the corrupt spirit (refered to as the D-evil, which we know as satan or devil).

- Make no mistake pls, satan did not steal dominion from Man, he only dominated and ruled Adam not Man. But he (satan) stole man’s paradise and glorious estate (EARTH)through Adam. Imagine what it will mean to steal heaven where God rules, so it was here.

The effects (What was Lost?)

- Man was cut-off from his source through Adam

- God cursed the earthen vessel which was Adam (recall Man was not cursed, but Adam was- Read Gen.3:17 very well)

- Man now knew what was good and evil – Gen.2:17

- Because Satan ruled over man, Man was engineered to go only the way of evil

- By this Man was corrupt in his deeds and live

God’s Plan to restore Man

- From the moment Adam fell and traded Man to the devil, God made a plan to bring man back, at least you know this scripture from Genesis

- READ THE EXPLANATION in my first post

How did Jesus restore back what was Lost?

- Jesus Christ was the pure and original state of How man was before the fall,How? Adam before the fall knew nothing as good and evil, so was Christ (2cor.5:21), He had fellowship with God timely like Adam

- Jesus (God’s spirit) came through a woman, but not through a man’s seed, because Man was still salvaged by the devil –recall

- Christ means Saviour, which meant that Jesus was to come and save (THIS WAS HIS PURPOSE)

- His purpose was to come and save Man back from the dominion of the devil, recall that Jesus was never from the pedigree of Adam, although his geneology was from David (check the meaning of Pedigree and Genealogy)

- Christ’s restoration when viewed well, you’ll see that it was a reverse of everything Adam did to give dominion to the devil

How do I Mean?

- A woman came out of Adam (Gen.2:22), while Christ came out of a woman

- Satan approached Adam to take the prize (Gen.3), while Christ approached the devil to take back the prize

- Adam gave birth to all men, while Christ drew all men to himself

- Sin entered the world through Adam, while Christ was the exit of Sin at the cross

- Adam corrupted the original design making man unrighteous, Christ made men the righteousness of God (2cor.5:21)

What God expects of us Christians today? Refer back to the original design of God for Man

God bless you bro, more questions are welcomed!


Jesus restored NOTHING.

He was just an ordinary carpenter who decided to start a breakaway/ reform from the savage and crude religion of the jews.



100% Holiness

Adam was without sin and this gave him fellow with the TRIUNE God.


look at you so you dont know Adam never sinned before the fall?

What heresy is this ?

Show me where Adam sinned before Jesus was provided?

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