Tree of life: was Jesus Christ in the Garden of Eden?

Was the tree of life in the Garden of Eden set there by God for a special purpose? Learn what or who that tree was.

Most of us know Garden of Eden story. It tells us of great creation, great love and great pain. It is found in the Old Testament, but does it talk of Jesus Christ? Learn the deep meaning of it now.

jesus christ tree of life

Was Jesus Christ in the Garden of Eden?

From the very first chapters of the book of Genesis we hear God talk of the Lamb and the redemption blood of His Son, who would come and redeem people from sin and death. But what about the time before the fall? Was Jesus present in the Garden of Eden?

Well, there were the two trees in it. One of them was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It is a symbol of sin, as it is imperfect. It does impart some good, but it has the evil in it. Such is sin, first it offers some pleasure, but later on it bites and stings, like a serpent. It is the symbol of sin and devil.

tree of good and evil

The other tree was the tree of life. It had only good in it. This is the symbol of Jesus Christ. They could touch it, they could eat from it! When Jesus was getting ready to die on the cross, he told us to eat of His flesh and drink of His blood. That is what people could have done long ago in the Garden of Eden.

tree of life jesus

Jesus was there for them to give life. He is still here for us to give life and life with abundance. He is that tree of life and if partake of Him, He will keep us and guide us, bless us and watch over us until we get to the safe heaven.

That is the blessing given to those eating of the tree of life of God. Do not waste your life and time, just come to Him now.


Good was Jesus Christ. But was not a man. Suppose, it was a mental beginning of Jesus Christ. Jesuse once appeared as a man and died for the mankind sins. Now his presence among us is obviously. It's our life with everything, that is kind, good, mildly, justly. Interesting, useful article about understanding of the most important, first chapter of the Bible about creating our world and people by God. And about their sin, which makes people to suffer, ail. Although sin popose us not long pleasure.

Answered 1 year ago.

I know this story from childhood, my grandmother told me about Jesus Christ and how God created this world. Istoiya really captures, it can hear and listen to many times. Who does not believe in it, who thinks that people went from monkeys, but most people believe in God and Jesus Christ, and continually pray for them, asking for forgiveness and mercy. The article is really very interesting, because we are all wondering how the Earth was created, people and everything else. Thanks for the article, I learned from it is still very much new.

Answered 1 year ago.
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