Types of prayer: 10 top list for Nigerian Christians

Christian life is impossible without prayer. Discover 10 kinds of it to enrich your life and bring down the heaven to your help.

All religions offer certain sorts of petitions to its adepts. There are diverse types of prayer you can learn of by heart or do using rosaries, etc. Lots of unbelieving people resort to prayer in difficult situations, when they need help and a miracle. Many of them get what they ask for. Yet, there is no logic in discussing the types of prayer until we recognize its true essence.

What is prayer?

what is prayer 2

It is a dialogue. The word “prayer” in English means “an earnest request or wish” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). As you see, prayer is tightly interwoven with emotions and desires. This also means that all those “matter-of-fact” prayers are not the real ones. This process involves your entire personality: intelligence, emotions, desires, will.

So, who do you converse with, when you pray? That really depends on who you believe in. Many people believe in some impersonal “supreme intelligence”. Others trust in God, although cannot really explain who they discourse with and why he has to answer their petitions.

The Bible indicates that God is personal, He is an individual with concepts, emotions, mind, will, plans, ideas, morals and ethics, etc. It reveals us we can know Him in a private way, talk to Him and hear back from Him. That is what biblical prayer is all about. It’s a communication with another Persona, who hears you, answers you, wills or wills not to do what you request and pray for.

It is an interchange, and as any conversation it cannot be built using any specific pattern. You never talk to your kids or parents using a note and just reading out of paper. You talk to them from your sentiment and mind. That is the kind of conversation God wants to have with people. Now, are there any conditions for the prayers to get answered?

Requirements for the prayer to be heard:

what is prayer

This is the key to understanding how to pray effectively. There are four conditions here:

  • My people – connection, relationships with God

    He does not answer just anybody’s prayer. You have to be linked to Him, like your child is connected to you. Your child bears your name.

    That settles it. When someone else’s kid comes over, there are high chances of you saying “no” to their request. They have no appeal to you and no right to ask, but your kid has.
  • Humble  - it talks of how you ask
    humble prayer to God
    We can demand, we can fuss and spaz out, or we can try to manipulate something out of God. It does not work. To humble means to let go. You know that He knows better and you hold confidence in Him that He would do what is best for you.
  • Turn from wicked ways – decision

    You cannot kill two birds with one stone. If you require and desire His help, you must go His way. Enjoying evil and sin and getting your prayers answered is not something He wants to be a part of.

    It’s His game, after all, and He is the one who sets the rule. You just follow them.

10 types of Biblical prayer

  1. Repentance prayer
    Martin Luther King quote
    It’s the very first one of them. This prayer establishes the relations between you and God. It works like that birth of a child. A baby gets born and the first thing it does – it cries out. That’s what this prayer is about.

    A person realizes sins and the gap between them and God. They cry out for forgiveness and receive it. They become the children of God, connected to Him, called by His name and there you go – the first requirement is fulfilled!

    How do you pray it? Just out of your core. There is no recipe to follow. This one has to be experienced, lived, felt, cried out. Formal repentance prayer will do you no good. God is the seer of hearts, He knows when you really mean it. They say there are two kinds of regret. Here is a parable to demonstrate the idea.

    Two thieves got caught. Both of them were sorry. One was sorry for being trapped and the other one was sorry for what he has done. Which one you think has really repented? 
  2. Sharing prayer
    sharing prayer to God
    Sharing  your heart and soul. That is the most intimate type of conversation you can have with another person. You may pour out your heat to a loved one or to a chum. You do not do that with strangers.

    It’s a heart to heart talk with God, an honest one. You ask all the questions, even if they are mean. You share all the feelings: negative and positive. You are ready to hear all He has to say to you, even if you do not like it. It’s a chat with God, tete-a-tete exchange of thought and emotion. That is what takes place, when you get close with someone special to you.
  3. Faith prayer

    Faith comes from the Word of God, but it also comes from the persona knowledge of Him. Many a time being in relations with a human you have to just hold on and believe. You trust they would do right by you. You trust they would stay loyal, you believe in them even when they fail you. You believe s/he is still the same person you met and fell in love with.

    Faith gets personal. When you realize that you know Who He is, and then you can believe and trust your very life to Him. It’s the apex of relationships, being able to rely on His word and stick with it. You do not manipulate God with your faith. You rely on Him, relax and wait.

    Some people think they pray in faith, when they scream loudly or when they jump and rock-n-roll. You can be remain calm and stay quiet and still pray in faith. It’s what in your soul that really counts.
  4. Adoration prayer
    prayer of adoration to God
    We all love to be praised, don’t we? He loves that, too. Only if you are sincere. So, the key element of such prayer is affection and sincerity. We love it when small kids run to us, cuddle, caress us and talk of sweet nothings.  Just show your affection to Him and there are no rules of how it should be done – praying, singing, dancing, whispering, crying – anything works.
  5. Thanksgiving prayer

    Here is one more parable: once God sent out two angels with large baskets – one for requests and the other one for thanks. The first one came back with basket full of petitions, the other one return with almost empty one. Do you forget to thank Him, when your prayer gets answered?
  6. Healing prayer
    power of healing prayer
    James 5:15 – this is one of your foundations for such a prayer along with Isaiah 53:5. God paid a great price for you to be whole. You need to ask for healing, believing in healing and standing on His promise to receive it. You can pray alone or ask someone to agree with you in this type of petition.
  7. Petition prayer

    Petition is making requests. Jesus said: ask and it shall be given unto you. There is only one limitation: you should ask in agreement with His will. If you do not know it, take time to find it out through studying the Word and walking with God.
  8. Agreement prayer
    prayer of agreement scripture
    Mathew 18:19 is the basis for such prayer. Find an individual with the same goals and desires as yours. To agree means to be in unity and tread the same way. You have to be eager not only to ask together, but to act it out together as well.
  9. Intercession prayer

    This is when you pray for other folks. You can combine fasting and prayer in this and other types of petitions. You can pray for healing, salvation, wellbeing, peace, prosperity, success, etc. Pray for His good will to be done in their lives.
  10. Dedication prayer
    baby dedication prayer
    This prayer is mainly done by the church congregation, when parents dedicate their babies to the Lord. All the church and ministers bless kids, their lives and pray for God’s protection and will to be done in and by them.

The power or prayer

power of prayerNow you know the types of prayer, but where does the power come from? It’s in that sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

He paid the price for us to have an open way to God. Now our petitions are heard in heaven.

Every time you pray, God hears it and answers it as He would to His Son Jesus (Hebrew 10:19-20).  No prayer gets lost in heavenly places.

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Surely we wish we could see the answer right away, but at times we have to wait and exercise in faith to see it. He hears you and He loves to answer you. So, keep on praying, praising and thanking your great God.


So many kinds of prays, which I didn't even think about and could not imagine. In my opinion, the main thing in praying the God is to be honest to yourself and to open your heart. Also we have to make some critical notices about us. But it is not necessary to scream everywhere and to everybody the words from some prays. It think that a silend pray or pray in our mind is much more useful and the God will hear us much more quickly in such a way. The pray in such case would be sincere, and would come from all the heart and with all our soul.

Answered 2 years ago.
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