Was there a trumpet sound over Jerusalem declaring the last days?

Was there a heavenly trumpet sound heard over Jerusalem in 2016? See the video.

trumpets in jerusalem

This fall in many countries people reported hearing odd sounds from above. They hugely resemble the sounds of Jewish trumpets and one of such places was Jerusalem. Find out more!

Trumpet sound from heaven in Jerusalem

This video is amazing. People captured on camera the odd event. A sound over Jerusalem, that came from the sky and was similar to the sound of many trumpets. Just like it is described in the Bible. This amazing event in the Holy Land (a region of the city near by the old town) disturbed the hearts of many.

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In the old times trumpets used to sound declaring that enemy is approaching or that some outstanding event is about to take place. And Jerusalem was not the only location. During these weeks such sounds were heard in Canada and in Ukraine.

Scientists have no idea what they mean or where they come from. Some of them say that the magnetic field of the Earth is changing and we can hear the sound like that. Many believers think it’s the sign of the last days.

Hear the sound for yourself and decide what it is.

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