Were they faking miracles for one of the pastors in Nigeria?

Did they catch a gang of people performing fake miracles in churches and paid by pastors? Learn the truth.

Fake miracle syndicate

This fake miracle syndicate has become a sensation. One of the pastors hired them to do “miracles” and signs for him to impress people. Learn the truth.

Was this a fake miracle syndicate?

In Enugu State police has uncovered a very unusual bunch of individuals. These fraudsters used people’s sincere faith in God to manipulate them. They created “signs” and “wonders” for one of the pastors to “support” his “prophecies”. They got paid for their “healings” from grave diseases and other miracles the pastor “performed”.

The gang consisted of 5 people from different states of Nigeria. It had one man and four women. The pastor who hired them is not named. They were on their way to Ebonyi State to do more “miracles” there at the church service.

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Fake miracle

One of the policemen noticed them arguing and talked them into telling the truth about their activities. They traveled from church to church and got well-paid by pastors and their assistants. They faked the miracles of healing and testimonies, and people believed them. They would bet the precise instructions from the local churches on what and how to perform.

Mostly it was done by pastors to grow their churches fast. Unfortunately, the ministers and scammers are not the only ones to blame for such a situation. People run from church to church looking for supernatural and at times very foolish “miracles”.

Pastors put people into fridges or make them drink oil and do other crazy things. We have to understand that miracles are not there for our entertainment. They cannot serve as the foundation for our faith. The only foundation is Jesus, the Son and the Word of God. Unless you get rooted in Him and the Bible, no miracle can do any good for you!

So, before you run to the next church and find next “revival” there, think well and consider the chance those miracles and signs are paid, and someone is just making money on you!

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