What a 1500-year-old bible tells us about Jesus?

What do you know about the history of Jesus Christ? Was he a son of God or a prophet? 1500-year-old bible found in Turkey may tell you another story about Jesus.


How is faith crucial for people? One of the revolutionists once said that Religion is nothing but opium for people. Nevertheless, people have been fought for their faith and religion for all of their lives. Jesus Christ is a son of God for Christians and thousands of knights killed infidels to conquer the Holy Sepulcher located on the lands of Muslims. The idea of representing Jesus Christ as a son of God has been crucial for Christians but one of the latest discoveries in Turkey showed some different results on this matter. Supposedly, 1500-year-old bible discovered in Turkey. This Bible totally contradicts the teaching about life path of the most influential person in history.

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According to the 1500-year-old bible found in Turkey, Jesus was not a son of God but a Prophet. He was not crucified and entered the Heavens alive. Judas Iscariot, who betrayed his teacher has crucified instead, Jesus. This Bible is also called the Gospel of Barnabas, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ. The essential matter about this Bible is a prophecy of Jesus Christ and Barnabas that one day the last prophet would come to the Earth and establish a new true religion of God. According to Muslims, this prophet is Mahomed, who established a new true religion – Islam.


According to the Western scientists and theologians. The 1500-year-old Bible found in Turkey is nothing but pseudepigraphical, and was written not fifteen but five hundred years ago. Despite total difference with canonical Gospels. Some scientists believe that the Barnabas Gospel found in Turkey was actually based on older manuscripts. Nevertheless, where Christians and a minority of Muslims believe that the 1500-year-old bible is nothing but a pseudepigrapha, other believe that the Vatican hides true about a true nature of the Son of God. The main point is that Vatican does not allow “lesser mortals” to witness their secret books.

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