What are atheist arguments against religions?

Have you heard the quotes of atheists? Check out this article to know everything about the atheists arguments against religions!

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In a conversation with any atheist believer often misunderstands atheist meaning and requires the first one to prove right now that God does not exist. While some atheists fall into a conceptual trap – it’s more difficult to prove a fact that our universe has no abstract object, because it's rather difficult to check the abstract theory from a scientific point of view. Some atheists retort, telling that believers have to prove the object of their deep faith. But the believers answer: ‘If you cannot prove that God does not exist, then atheism is the same faith, atheist religion’.

Let’s narrow the formulation of this problem. The easiest way is checking up a particular theory, having a specific prediction. Therefore, the article is about atheist beliefs that there is totally no existence of Biblical God. Atheists talk about this relevant question applying the scientific methods. It is sufficient easy to compare the Bible teachings with different scientific evidence, moreover, that Christianity always regards the Bible as absolute truth, infallible revelation from the Biblical God. You may find atheist quotes about that in different atheist books.

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In addition, if atheists want to get respect from opponents they need to find more accessible and understandable arguments. So there isn't any need to repeat the popular Darwin's theory of evolution well-known from school textbooks of biology – let’s consider some simple and clear arguments.

Therefore, here we presented the simple natural-scientific arguments against the Christianity and also the existence of God from Bible according to the atheists. The atheist quotes and ideas:

1. Sky is gaseous rather than solid

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Even a pupil can find the error of Biblical data opening the first page of the Bible. There you can find that the sky is supposedly solid – ‘firmament of the sky’ (Genesis 1: 6-8), and ‘the sky is solid as a molten looking glass’ (Job 37:18). Note that the antiquity mirror was made of metal. It is extremely obvious that the Bible writers thought that the sky did not fall to the ground because it is supposedly hard as metal.

As the Bible contains erroneous data, so it cannot be an infallible revelation from the all-knowing Biblical God. And the Biblical God does not exist at all.

2. The structure of the solar system and the universe

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Due to telescope, you can easily see the structure of the solar system: it consists of 9 planets and asteroids. And our sun is one of the millions or even billions of stars that create Milky Way. Also our galaxy with galaxy Andromeda and several other galaxies are included in a cluster of galaxies Local Group, which, together with the nearest clusters of galaxies make up the supercluster of Virgin, which includes about 30,000 galaxies. And in the visible part of the universe there are (the scientists think) about 100 billion galaxies. They come in clusters and superclusters of galaxies. And we live here. This scientific data have been obtained as the result of different previous observations of the sky in telescopes.

However, in the first chapter of the Bible book of Genesis you can find that the Biblical God created only the sun, Earth, moon and stars. Interesting, but there is not any mention of some other galaxies, clusters, planets and superclusters of galaxies. Why? If the Biblical God did not make or create other galaxies and different planets of the solar system, who did that? It is obvious that Christian Bible is a kind of mythology that was written by people, even very far from the science of that ancient time. Even the ancient science in ancient Greece, Egypt and Babylon already knew of the existence of other different planets, visible annual motion of our Sun and comets.

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False biblical belief that the moon, sun and all stars are ‘in the firmament of the sky’ (Genesis 1: 14-18). It is also contrary to the scientific data. In reality, the Moon and the Sun, and the stars and galaxies are far beyond the atmosphere of our Earth. They are far away in the deep space, in vacuum.

Another error in the Bible – that moon is the same shone like the sun (Genesis 1,14-18). But the moon has no shining at all. It is not like the sun. The moon is solid, and the Sun is a plasma ball, the sun shines itself, and the moon reflects its light like a mirror. It is clear that the Bible is not a revelation from the all-knowing God (according to the atheists).

3. The sun is the only cause of daylight

According to scientific data, the cause of any natural daylight is the sun. But in the first chapter of the Bible book of Genesis you can find that the Biblical God supposedly first created light and called it a day, then during 3 days there was a change of the time of day without any sun (‘there was evening and there was morning’), and then only on the 4h day of creation, He created the moon and sun. Unfortunately, it turns out that the Bible authors did not even understand so obvious scientific truth that the only one source of natural daylight is the sun.

4. Why it rains

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Another Bible error is associated with the cause of rain – ‘the heavens windows are opening’ and rain pours from there (Genesis 7:11; 8: 2). In fact, rain condenses in the lower atmosphere of water vapors that rise from the Earth surface by solar heat. Clouds - this is water vapor. At school we studied the nature water cycle. Flying in an airplane above the clouds, you can check up that there are no ‘windows of heaven’.

5. Ignorance of Biology

The central idea of Christianity is that Christ died allegedly to ‘save’ people. And Christ himself justifies this idea as follows: ‘Verily, verily, I say to you, if a grain of wheat falls into the earth and doesn’t die, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit’ (John 12:24). But in reality, only living grain can germinate. Dead grains (for example, after the heat treatment) may not grow at all. It can rot, but do not germinate. And if it enters the land, grain does not die at all. On the contrary, obtaining moisture from the ground and the needed heat from the sun, the grain begins to grow - the root and stem grow out. And this can be checked up in a simple experiment.


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If the Bible erroneously describes the divine phenomena, which can be easily verified by some scientific methods, therefore, the atheists believe, it is not a revelation from any God. So it makes no sense to trust it in other things. These are the quotes and ideas of atheists. Do you agree with them?


None of these are arguments any atheist I've ever known has used against religions. I've never used a single one of them. Atheists use one basic argument - the fact that there's no evidence for any religious belief being true. Despite all the experiments and observations that have been done over centuries, nothing has ever been found that would indicate that God exists. All the evidence that ever might have shown God has shown a natural and non-supernatural explanation. There is simply not a shred of evidence for God, therefore a reasonable person has to conclude that God doesn't exist.

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