What are Islamic names for boys from Quran?

What are the most popular names for boys taken From Quran? Let’s see what the statistics show about the names picked.

Islamic names for boys

Picking a name for your child is not an easy task. Considering that many people believe that a name of your child can define his destiny, a lot of parents take a long time to pick the one that will be both meaningful and sweet.

Religious people opt for names in the Quran. Let’s see what the best names for the male child from Quran can be.

  1. Ayan -  The meaning of this name is “Time, Era, Epoch.” Ayan is a Quranic name for both boys and girls and means time, era, epoch, age. It is mentioned in many places in the Quran: “They ask: “At what time is the Day of Judgment?” (Surat Adh-Dhariyat 51:12)
  2. Rayyan – “Rayyan is a derivable Quranic name for both male and female children. According to hadith (a saying of the Prophet, peace, and blessings of Allah upon him), it is the gate of Paradise dedicated to those who often fasted in their lives. Rayyan is derived from the R-W-Y root, which means one who is satiated of water, who isn’t thirsty, and is used once in the Quran according to certain qira’aat (readings of the Quran) to mean splendor: “We had destroyed so many generations before them, who surpassed them in material power and glory. (19:74)”
  3. Zayyan – “Zayyan is a Quranic name for both sexes of children that means “beautifier,” one who makes things beautiful or improves things. It is not directly mentioned in the Quran, but its root (thus its meaning), Z-Y-N, is used in the Quran in dozens of places, such as 10:24 in a word wazzayyanat (became beautiful, became adorned). For this reason, we consider it a Quranic name.”
    Islamic names for boys from Quran
  4. Arham – This name is a right Quranic name for both male and female children that means most merciful, most kind, most compassionate. “[Jacob] replied: “Shall I trust you with him in the same way as I trusted you with his brother (Joseph] aforetime? [Nay,] but God’s guardianship is better [than yours], for He is the most merciful of the merciful!” (Quran 12:64)”
  5. Ruhan – This name is a derivable Quranic name for boys and girls that mean “spiritual” (i.e. related to the spirit), “kindhearted,” “compassionate.” It is derived from the R-W-H6 (spirit, happiness) root which is used in many places in the Quran. “[God gave another example in the story of] Mary, ‘Imran’s daughter, who preserved her chastity and We breathed Our spirit into her; she testified to the words of her Lord and His Scriptures, and was truly devout. (Quran 66:12)”
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  6. Arish – This name is for boys only. “Arish is an indirect Quranic name for boys that means one who is working on and building something great, such as a tall or complex building, system or project. It comes from Arsh, which means throne, or a structure that has taken a lot of effort to build and is derived from the Ain-R-Sh (throne, to make) which is often used in the Quran. “Your Lord inspired the bee, saying, ‘Make your homes in the mountains, in the trees, and also in the structures which men build. (Quran 16:68)”
    best Islamic names for male child
  7. Zidan – Another great Islamic name for a boy from Quran. It means increase, growth, and progress.
  8. Aydin -  This is a name for a male child from Quran. It means Aydin is a Quranic name for boys that means hands, power, strength. It is directly mentioned in Quran 51:47 and 7:195: AND IT IS We who have built the universe with [Our creative] power; and, verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it. (Quran 51:47)”
  9. Afnan – This is a name for both male and female children. Its short meaning is growth and progress. The longer version is “full spreading branches of trees,” it refers to trees at the peak of growth and fruitfulness. Afnan is used in the Quran in Surat ar-Rahman: “46. But for he who has feared the position of his Lord is two gardens – So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? With spreading branches. (Quran 55:46-48)”
    Islamic names from Quran and hadith
  10. Affan – An Islamic name for a boy only. It means either “Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to God,” or “chaste, modest, virtuous, pure.” It was used in: “(Charity is) for Fuqara (the poor), who in Allah’s Cause are restricted (from travel), and cannot move about in the land (for trade or work). The one who knows them not thinks that they are rich because of their modesty. You may know them by their mark; they do not beg of people at all. And whatever you spend in good, surely Allah knows it well. (Quran 2:273)”
  11. Zayn – This is a perfect Islamic name for a boy. Shortly it means “Beautiful and Radiant.” However, the longer version of it translates into “beauty, adornment, grace, excellence.” It is not directly mentioned in the Quran, but it is derived from the Z-Y-N which is used in dozens of places in the Quran, such as: “Say: “Who is there to forbid the beauty which God has brought forth for His creatures, and the good things from among the means of sustenance?” Say: “They are [lawful] in the life of this world unto all who have attained to faith – to be theirs alone on Resurrection Day.” Thus clearly do We spell out these messages unto people of [innate] knowledge! (Quran 7:32)”

As you see, Quran is packed with great names for your children. There are names derived from several names and their stems, and some of them are not directly used in Quran. However, some of them are on the pages of it which make it a number one choice for some people.

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