What are Muslim marriage traditions?

Marry a Muslim - then it means to plunge into the world of Islam. The bride is obliged to know all the laws and traditions of the religion, if she isn’t a Muslim.

Muslim wedding

Especially carefully it is necessary to be aware of the preparation to the celebration - all oriental practices should be observed.

Do not think that the wedding ceremony is not so cheerful and colorful in the East as the Europeans. Muslim wedding has different celebrations and extraordinary oriental atmosphere.

It is well-known fact that the wedding dress for Muslim women differs by its modesty and grace. However, you will have the possibility to read about dresses a little bit later.

What do you need to know about the behavior and manners of communication? You must know that every Muslim should be an example to others girls and proud parents. It combines the mind, beauty, care and education. It is for these criteria, the groom chooses a bride in the Middle East.

The veneration of elders, hospitality and diligence - that describes Muslims. To be worthy of the wife you should have much to learn. It is strictly forbidden for unmarried girl to have an intimate relationship with a young man. This is due to the fact that a Muslim must save herself for the man - only he will have the right to touch her.

Muslim wedding

Even if you love each other, the Koran forbids holding hands (we are not mentioning the greater intimacy) before making Nikah - the wedding ceremony. This ritual is similar to a Christian wedding, and has many features. For example, without holding such a ceremony, you will not be considered official spouses, even if registered in the registry office.

The ceremony may be conducted either prior to registration or after. It consists of several stages: reading fragments from the Koran, the contract and the exchange of rings. Nikah holds Mullah. At the ceremony, have the right to present 2 witnesses and guardian of the bride. Thus they should be male.

Clothes of the spouses must meet the Eastern traditions. Wedding dress for Muslim women is rich in pattern, ornament and mysterious closed. Many people know that the dress should cover all parts of the body except the hands. Thus, the bride shows saved the honor and dignity.

Wedding rings in Islam permitted only of silver. The Koran forbids the wearing of gold jewelry, especially engagement rings. The ban applies as a rule for the men.

First ceremony mullah reads a fragment from the Koran. He tells about the duties of wife and duty to her husband. Gifts - this is the payment of the groom to the bride. On Nikah he announces the size of the gift, and agrees to pay for a whole life together. At the end of the newlyweds are given a certificate that proves their marriage. This document is the official and accepted in several countries.

Muslim wedding dresses have always been distinguished by their European dresses modesty and grace. Every Muslim, getting married, must adhere to certain rules of dress. Respect and reverence for tradition - that's what they have saved even today, despite the modern fashion.

Muslim wedding

Few people know that the Muslim wedding dresses should be closed. Attire covers the entire body except the face, hands and feet. Thus, the bride says of his purity, innocence. Despite the closeness of the dress, she should show her beauty. Therefore, all Muslim wedding dress is decorated with unusual pattern, ornament. Beautiful embroidery, which emphasizes the figure of the bride, and, as usual, it’s done by order.

Open shoulders are prohibited as well as forearms and neck. It is not recommended to wear a dress and bright, loud colors. The bride has to find a golden balance: a closed dress, which emphasizes the dignity, but it does not attract too much attention.

Muslim wedding dresses should not be made of transparent and translucent fabrics. It is not necessary to give preference to a brilliant and vulgar dress. Remember that the main thing is modesty.

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A typical Muslim attire consists of:

  • dress;
  • headdress.

Today, many modern designers offer unusual Muslim girls different wedding dresses. If you look at the model in the photo, you probably want to get married in one of the dresses presented. This is not surprising, because the designers experimenting with the traditional lace and embroidery, as well as multi-layered chiffon dress and trouser sets.

Thus, the Muslim wedding dresses have acquired a modern look, without breaking tradition. At the head of the bride flaunts a silk scarf, which perfectly complements the dress. You can always create for yourself, it is only important to choose the right fabric.

Any girl in a wedding dress looks great. Despite the closure of Muslim dress, you will be feminine and gentle. You can experiment material, colors and style of dress, and then you will not only present a Muslim, but also an example to follow.


In the East, be sure to respect the tradition, in spite of the fact that the world has changed and modern lifestyles and fashion are gradually forgetting the old one.

However, Muslims have kept that for centuries, what was passed on from generation to generation. On Muslim wedding the bride and groom first visit the mosque, and then do a joint photo in some beautiful place. It ends with the triumph of the celebration, which takes place in a circle of friends and relatives.

Of particular importance to any wedding is the exchange of rings. Wedding rings in the Muslim understanding have nothing to do with marriage. A young couple can give each other the rings as a gift. However, wedding rings are not a sign that you are engaged to be married.

When choosing such a gift is worth remembering that the Koran prohibits men to wear gold jewelry. Therefore, engagement of the ring can be made entirely of silver. They give each other the couple before the wedding.

What young are prohibited to do before the wedding? First of all, religion forbids sexual relations before marriage. The couple is not allowed to touch each other. However, in today's world, the laws simpler and lovers can have a close relationship, if you believe in the future together.

Muslim wedding

If you decide to get married, it is worth remembering that the triumph of the groom paid relatives. If young people earn good money, wedding funding is distributed.

According to tradition, the bride has a right to see his bride only in scarves and clothing that covers everything but the hands and feet. According to the laws of Islam, the face and hands were enough to realize how beautiful girl is.

Matchmaking - that's how to begin the process of a wedding. It is believed that the bride and groom should not see each other before the wedding. Today, many Muslim families comply with all the laws of Islam, but allowed the meeting the young only in the presence of other relatives.

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