What are the largest church buildings in Nigeria?

Have you ever been to the largest Christian church in the country? Find out where you can go to see the biggest holy places in Nigeria!

largest churches

Nigeria is famous in Africa for its democratic policy – everyone can choose their religion themselves. List of largest churches in Nigeria includes a lot of Christian churches that are very welcoming for everyone.

Our country can be proud of its religious background. That’s why it’s hard to tell which one is exactly the largest church in Nigeria. There are a lot of them and they are quite similar!

Some churches are ranked among the biggest in the entire world. Moreover, the amount of the visitors is also quite impressive.

Therefore, if you live in Nigeria and follow Christianity you definitely have to stop by the churches listed below.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God

This Christian church is not only famous in Nigeria but is also well-known all around the world. Many Christians visiting the country tend to attend this largest church.

The building is enormous and there can fit almost a million people! This is what attracts visitors the most in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

The auditorium was built for more than sixty million dollars by one of the church’s pastors. The materials used during the construction of the largest church in Nigeria were steel and cement.

Its surface is extremely huge which makes it possible for any amount of people to come and worship any time. The worth of this church is right now worth more than two hundred billion naira.

largest churches

Mountain Of Fire and Miracles Ministry

This particular church was opened by Dr. Daniel Olukoya. The building of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry is also pretty large.

The Christian world can be proud to have this Nigerian church as the amount of people able to accommodate there is enormous! More than half a million believers at a time can go and pray there!

What is more, another 100,000 can easily fit there if standing. It is situated not far from Lagos Expressway which also makes it one of the most well-known places to worship in Nigeria.

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If you’re Christian, don’t miss a chance to stop by!

Living Faith Church World Wide

The other name for the Living Faith Church World Wide is Winners’ Chapel. This Christian church is also a popular place for the worshipers in Nigeria.

The world knows it as one of the largest churches with huge auditoriums. David Oyedepo is the founder of it.

largest churches

The really exciting fact about this holy place is that there can fit almost fifty thousand people! In the past the Living Faith Church World Wide was considered to be the biggest in the entire world.

It even got in the Guinness Book of Record. And even though there are bigger churches in Nigeria and in the world right now it’s still a place definitely worth visiting.

The Winners’ Chapel is situated not far from Lagos in the Canaanland complex. It is an international church so anyone is welcome there!

The Apostolic Church

This Christian church is known to many Nigerians as it has its agencies all over the country. Nigeria can be proud to have a church that is so huge.

What is very convenient about the Apostolic Church, people from all the parts of the country can visit it to communicate with God. It took more than twenty five years to finish the construction of the building.

If you wonder about its capacity, there can fit at least hundred thousand people!

Deeper Life Christian Ministry

This church is quite old as its history begins back in the 1970s. It was founded by the math teacher Williams Folorunsho Kumuyi who later quitted his job in the university and decided to become a full-time pastor.

It is situated in Lagos and its building looks quite modern and attractive. The construction of the Deeper Life Bible Church took several years.

largest churches

Right now it represents itself the worshiping place with more than 25,000 available seats. Moreover, the capacity keeps on increasing every year.

The reason why this church looks so beautiful nowadays is that it was actually planned by the Italian architects. The surface of the Deeper Life Bible Church is more than 6000 km2.

It also has a nice yard and a huge parking lot. The engineers wanted this holy place to be not only visually attractive but also convenient to use as a worshiping point.

There is another branch of this church which is situated a little bit further. It was built for the special religious events. Anyone who is attending the church for the first time is impressed.

What is more, the Deeper Life Bible Church has another religious centre that helps the worshipers.

Some of its services include the dorms for the students, shops, special churches for children and other useful things. It also offers the programmes teaching about the word of God.

All in all, this is the perfect place for the Christians to worship and study the Bible if they want to.

To sum up, Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in the world. There are a lot of Christian churches where the most devoted believers in the world can communicate with God.

If you have never visited any of the churches listed above you should definitely do it. You will be definitely pleased with what you will discover!


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