What are the latest Primate Ayodele's Predictions concerning Nigerian states?

Have you heard about the last prediction of Primate Ayodele for Nigeria? You should know about them, and we have an answer for your question in this article. So keep reading!

primate ayodele latest prophecy

As you all know Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, the leader of the Evangelical Churches in Africa has unveiled the last prediction he has for Nigeria, and he surprised everyone with what he had to say about the possible future for the country. Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele’s latest prophecy started with him saying that no real changes will come until all the people of Nigeria turns to God from all their false gods and idols. This how he started his book “Warnings to The Nations”.

He said that Nigerians are not seeking God, and that is the main reason for all the turbulence in the nation. Primate Ayodele is more focused on the state of hearts of the Nigerians in his predictions this time. He reports that God told him that some states of Nigeria will not be able to overcome the economic crisis they face now, while other will rise amidst all the difficulties and will prosper.

He also mentioned that states would change their logos and comprehensive vision in the course of all the turbulence. He mentioned that this might the result of the last candidates they picked at the elections. According to Primate Ayodele’s words, the country needs to pray for the unity of Nigeria, as people do not follow God and His command, do not seek His face and His will for their lives; they live wayward life without asking God’s opinion about certain things.

primate ayodele and his predictions

According to Primate Ayodele’s prophecy for 2016 Buhari or Jonathan would bring no peace and prosperity to the country. He even claimed that the situation got worse from the time the current government came to the power; he sees that the problem with this government is that they rely on their strengths, and that’s why they fail and can no longer guide the country and its people. This situation will repeat and again until they stop and acknowledge that there is God who can help them and who is the only One who can lead the country to be successful in all meanings.

Until this is done and admitted, Nigeria will stay where it is with individual states going even deeper into the crisis. Among other prophecies by Primate Ayodele for 2016 were the following: he indicated that the President would not succeed in his attempts to get rid of the corruption in the country, as he is not the only one who can do that, and people will oppose such his decisions. That is why nothing will change in regards the overwhelming corruption level in the country.

primate ayodele prophecy for 2015

The second thing Primate Ayodele mention in his prophecy for 2016 is that the current government will have problems in case they reduce the subsidy for oil. According to his words, the price of oil will reach N200 per one liter. He also warned the authorities that the young people would start stealing from the pipelines, as they will have no better choice to make their living.

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The other thing he talked about in his latest prophecy is that there is no way the government will be able fully to overcome the power of Boko Haram in Nigeria unless they involve the air forces. This is the only way for the country to get rid of the reign of the terrorists and their constant threats and acts of violence they demonstrate.

The prophecy number four was about Boko Haram as well. The leader of the Evangelical Church mentioned that the terrorists will make more terroristic attacks in the south of the country, and will threaten people living in the southwest of the country. They are going to send more suicide bombers to threaten people and take control over the land.

primate ayodele prophecies for 2016

The next thing Primate Ayodele claimed as his prophecy for 2016 was that changes are about to happen in two political parties known as All Progressive Congress and PDP. If the first ones do not take measures inside their organization, the party can crack, and people can leave. Moreover, if the second don’t take everything into consideration, their members will go to the All Progressive Congress, which will only play against them.

The sixth point of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy was that the government would see the emergence of several new political forces. Also, some representatives of the House of Speakers will quit before the end of the term. He also talked about Taraba woman and that she will leave by the end of the term.

He also stated that it is very unlikely that Dickson will remain in the government until the very end of the term and that the situation with Halliburton will not be forgotten, as people will come back to it again.

primate ayodele prophecy for 2016

Another thing Primate Ayodele claimed as his prophecy for 2016 is that Buhari will only cause troubles when probing Jonathan. He will try to cause problems for Jonathan; however, instead such his actions will only bring troubles to the government. He will also try to deal with the bribery level, but since too many people are involved in it, he will only be charged and stopped from it. His desire to conquer the corruption is not desired by the highly corrupted government; that is why they will take measures to take him down.

However, Primate Ayodele states that the current President will try to make Nigeria a better place to live through dealing with corruption and separation between the leading political institutions. Nevertheless, this will have little effect, until the whole country will come to God and will seek Him and His guidance in the walk with Him.

Primate Ayodele’s prophecy for 2016 warned Buhari to fight against Biafra, but in a very democratic way. Unlike this, he should defeat the Boko Haram terroristic grouping. If he does not do that, they will destroy the country and ruin his days of presidency. The prophecy also stated that there would be many more groupings that will try to overcome the state, but the President should not be afraid that rather be ready to fight against them. However, if the President does not pray and seek God, all his efforts will have little effect, as God is in control and the President is not.

primate ayodele

The government will have little success in trying to overcome poverty. They will implement new measures and law enforcements, but this will only be the beginning of a long way they still have to go to do that. There would also be several severe financial crises in the state, namely the crisis called “Kanuri-Fulani r Hausa-Fulani crises.

All the prophecies were meant to be heard by the President and taken into account. The leaders of the Churches state that it is in Buhari’s interests to listen to the warnings and take measures to act on them. Otherwise, the troubles will stay in the country, and new ones will emerge. Even so, the biggest problem of the current authorities is that they do not seek God and His will. They believe that they can deal with poverty, terroristic groupings and economic crisis themselves, but this is far from being true. They don’t have enough power to do it. That is why Primate Ayodele asked them to pray to God and seek His guidance in the way they rule the country. The prophecies of Primate Ayodele for 2015 were also warning to the government of that time, which they asked the authorities to pay attention to. You can check what he said about the year of 2015 in the video below.

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