What are the most famous pictures of Jesus?

Jesus became an object of interest of many talented painters. What are most famous pictures with Jesus on them? And what is the meaning hidden behind it? Let’s see what the authors wanted to tell us with their masterpieces.

Last Supper of Jesus

Probably the most famous painting of Jesus is the one done by Leonardo Da Vinci. This talented master with his controversial and intriguing personality once decided to paint Jesus during His last supper with the disciples before the crucifixion.

The painting contains numerous details and no wonder he worked on it for three years, not continuously though. He painted this fresco on a wall of the Santa Maria delle Grazie monastery. This theme was a popular one for refectories. Da Vinci was paid to paint this fresco, so he put much effort into making Jesus as close to real life as possible.

Da Vinci Last supper

Despite all the value the painting has, it was proven by the specialists that there are several serious historical inaccuracies. For instance, the way the disciples sit. There were not tables in Jerusalem at that time. People sat on the floor around a low table, basically lying there helping themselves with their left arm.

Nevertheless, the picture is still quite valuable, as it depicts different episodes from the stories and show characters of the disciples. Jesus on the painting is not laughing: He knows that one of them will betray Him that night.

last Judgement Michelangelo

The other most popular picture of Jesus Christ is the one showing Him during the Last Judgement. The artwork was done by Michelangelo in 1541. On this picture Jesus is shown in the clouds in heaven judging the whole nations. The painting has a lot of details that show different stages of Christ’s life on the earth.

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For instance, there is a picture with the cross Christ was crucified on or the episode when Mary comes to visit Jesus and he tells her and his disciples that those who listen to Him and follow Him are His family.

Last Judgement details pics of Jesus

This picture of Jesus Christ was aiming to show different people and their eternal future. It was also aiming to show the souls of saints and those who crucified Christ. The painting is considered to be one of the most impressive pictures of Christ despite the claims of Catholic Church that there is too much nudity on it, which they later covered with painted scarves.

The third most known picture of Jesus Christ is that of Him and Mary. The painting is called Ognissanti Madonna. The artist who painted it is Giotto. This picture of this Christ sitting on Mary’s lap became quite famous as it was far more realistic than the other works of Giotto’s contemporaries. This picture shows that Christ was a real person, a child; however, being a 100% man he was a 100% God, which made him innocent and separated from a sin.

Mary with Jesus

The other famous picture of Jesus is “Christ of Saint John on the Cross” by Salvador Dali. This picture shows the moment when Jesus was crucified for all the humanity.

The artists claimed that God sent him this picture in his dream, so he woke up and started painting it right away. Dali depicted cross of Christ in such a way that you can almost hear him saying that the salvation does not come from the cross, but from the One who was crucified on it. All the focus of the painting is on Christ whose cross is painted above the earth in heaver. The artwork is a real masterpiece not only because of the talent of Dali but also because of the God shown in it in all His glory.

dali Picture of Christ

The other popular picture of Jesus walking on water was once done by Robert T. Barrett. He drew an illustration to the passage from the New Testament where Jesus was walking on water. When Peter saw Him, he asked if He could walk on water too, and Jesus said yes. Peter then stepped out of the boat into the storming sea, but instead of drowning he was able to overcome all the laws of nature and walk on the water. As soon as he took his eye s off Jesus, Peter started drowning. This story was aiming to teach the Disciples of Christ to trust Jesus.

Robert T. Barrett is an illustrator for many popular books including one written by Barack Obama.  However, considering his illustrations for the Mormon book, he might not necessarily be a Christian, though his picture still illustrates the story correctly.

Barrett Jesus on water

As you can see from just a few examples of pictures of Jesus Christ on different stages of His life, He attracted much attention of artists. And no wonder: being able to draw a life of God in flesh is a thrilling and a great adventure. Take some time to look into the masterpieces mentioned above to see the details important for a better understanding of Christ from the perspective of artists.

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