What bible verses can be considered controversial?

What are the controversies in the text of bible? What are the versions about the fact that homosexuality is a sin? Read the article to learn detailed information.

most controversial bible verses

In spite of the lots of readers all over the world, there are many misunderstandings in the holy book. These are the most controversial bible verses:

Controversial bible verses

Disagreements can be found already from the first bible verses. According to the Gospel of Matthew, when Jesus was born, his mother and Yusuf have been forced to run to Egypt from Herod's prosecution and have returned only after his death. But at Luke the same episode not only is absent at all, but is even disproved. Luke says that they continued to live in Nazareth and to go to Easter in Jerusalem every year. Where Jesus has spent the youthful years? Matthew says that the star has led magicians from the East to Christ's nursery, and Luke says that they were not wise men, but shepherds, and not from the East, but from the neighboring field. Christmas was announced by angel, but not by star.

bible verses

'And God said: there will be the light. And there was light. And God has seen that the light is good, and has separated light from darkness. God called light day, and darkness – a night. There was an evening, and there was a morning – one day'. What is this light? Is there some light in the space? (The sun wasn't yet created – it was created on the fourth day only). There is also no day nor night in the Space.

‘Also God said: there will be stars on the earth for lighting, and for separation of day from night, and for signs, and days, and years… Also God has created two great stars: a big one for management of day, and smaller – for management of night, and simple stars’. At last, the sun was created. Days in our habitual understanding have set in. What days were there earlier? There is no concept of the day in the Space. This concept is only for specific planets and it varies on each planet. For example, on Mars day lasts several times longer, than on the Earth. It is connected with the speed of the rotation of the planet round its pivot-center and on the orbit. If to take our planet as basis, what days were there if there was no sun? And what was their duration?

Controversial bible verses homosexuality

Controversial bible verses homosexuality

In 2012 the anonymous group has published Queen James bible (QJB), which is based on the most popular English translation of the Bible — so-called King James Version (KJV). The similar name was chosen as the king Jacob, who has approved KJV allegedly was a homosexual. As authors of QJB have declared, they have corrected the incorrect translation, which led to the fact that the Bible became the homophobic book. In this version of the Bible, corrections were made in 8 fragments from various books, which described homosexuality as a sin.

In the last decades several versions of interpretations of texts of the New Testament expressing ideas that Paul condemned only criminal and ritual homosexual acts has arisen. But he wasn't against homosexuality in general, and these versions are already displayed in some modern translations. Even modern Pope says that a Church has to seek for forgiveness for pursuing homosexuality.

Controversial bible verses homosexuality 1

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Christian theologians, criticizing similar revisionist interpretations, point to some circumstances, testifying, in their opinion, to groundlessness of this theory. When in translation of the Bible it is written about homosexual offenders, the crime in the homosexuality, but not in criminal homosexual act as contrasts to not criminal is meant (the word homosexual defines homosexual character of crime). That is it is told about a homosexual type of violation, but not about a criminal type of homosexual actions of homosexual people.

If only criminal homosexual acts are sinful, then why this approach isn't applicable to fornicators and idolaters who are mentioned in these fragments? In all Bible, there is no mention that only criminal or ritual homosexual acts are a sin.

Controversial bible verses New Testament

Controversial bible verses New Testament

The book of bible scientist Bart Ehrman, which was published in 2011, has caused a storm of disputes. Ehrman has declared that about a half of New Testament has been fabricated by churchmen of the ancient world (which looks quite like the truth). They allegedly wrote texts in their interests, signing them with names of apostles. Ancient Christian leaders used a similar way to come out the winner in religious conflicts with each other.

In the book, Ehrman gives examples of the writing of Paul in the New Testament, which strongly differ on style. Some of statements even contradict each other. At last, Ehrman claims that apostles were illiterate fishers and couldn't write anything from New Testament (which is definitely the truth).

Controversial bible verses slavery

Controversial bible verses slavery

When we pronounce the word “slave”, there are awful scenes in our eyes. It is the first delusion concerning this term. The word “slave” is widely used in the Bible as a politeness formula. Addressing the governor or even just someone higher, the person called himself “slave”. Joab, the commander of army of David, called himself quite so, for example, being actually the second person in the state. And absolutely free woman Ruf (David's great-grandmother), addressing her future husband, called herself his slave.

Controversial bible verses about marriage of God

Referring to number of archeological finds and quotes, some archeologists and Bible experts consider that God had a wife by name Asher and that ancient Israelis worshipped both of them. Asher (or Astarte) – quite so the powerful goddess of fertility was named. Not so long ago on Sinai the clay tablet, in which there is a phrase 'God and his Asher', has been found. Experts also claim that in the Old Testament, despite numerous editorial cleanings and corrections, mentions about female deity indeed have remained.


The biblical condemnation of homosexuality (sex between men or between women) applied only to people in the ancient biblical cultures, not to us today. This is because people of those cultures thought that a sexually penetrated man was acting like a woman (who is penetrated) and this was wrong and very shameful.

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