What does Catholic church say about remarried couples' sex?

What does Catholic Church say about remarried couples' sex? Why is this topic so serious? Every Catholic must know that! Check out the info right here in this article!

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All divorced couples that remarry must abstain from sex and also live as they are brother and sister, and according to Catholic church and a leading US archbishop all homosexual relationships produce a huge ‘moral confusion’.

Philadelphian Archbishop Charles Chaput, well-known within the Catholic Church for his very conservative views, has already set out some new guidelines on different sexual propriety in his archdiocese. The guidelines was published on the popular archdiocese website, there was: ‘The undertaking to live as sister and brother is extremely necessary for the divorced or civilly remarried couples to receive reconciliation in the pure Sacrament of Penance that may open the straight way to the Eucharist after.

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‘Well, mastering yourself is possible with the help of pure grace and the needed physical intimacy becomes a strong element of spiritual preparation for our enduring life together’.

Also the Archbishop asked the priests to 1.5million - a strong Philadelphia congregation ‘help’ Catholics, who are attracted to people of the same sex and who 'find chastity is very difficult’. He used the guide to argue with parishioners ‘same-sex attracted person’ can and should have heterosexual marriages with kids, avoiding the same-sex intimacy.

Archbishop Chaput said, ‘offer a serious counter-witness to the Catholic faith’. Homosexual relationships, he said, could ‘make moral confusion in our society’. According to the observations of the guidelines, ‘those who are predominant attracted to the same sex, must fight to live chastely for the Kingdom of God’.

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He added: ‘In this case, they need support, friendship and understanding if they are unable to manage themelves’. People in same-sex relationhips and married for a second time parishioners and unmarried couples should not be allowed to serve in the Catholic cathedral. These words were said by Archbishop Chaput. Such different ‘irregular’ relationships ‘become a serious counter-witness to the whole Catholic belief and it can produce some moral confusion in the whole community,’ the state of guidelines, recognizing that as ‘hard teaching’.

The guidelines began working on 1 July and were extremely influenced by Pope Francis’s teachings in his popular exhortation on family life ‘Amoris Laetita’, which was released this year in April. Archbishop Chaput is well-known as one of the most strongly conservative figures in the whole US Catholic Church and also he has consistently been a huge vocal opposer of gay marriage.

Divorce for Catholics

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After allowing Catholic priests to forgive women who undergo abortion, the Vatican began working with the divorcees. As reported by the BBC, Pope Francis radically reformed the marriage annulment process in the Catholic Church, which allows a greater number of Catholics to divorce and re-marry without violating church canons. A huge changes for remarries couples. Pope has signed two special rescripts motu proprio: ‘Meek Judge Lord Jesus’ and ‘Jesus meek and merciful’, which were presented on Tuesday at the Vatican. Previously, Catholics who divorced and married again and had no annulment, were considered adulterers and were not allowed to communion.

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Francis reform introduces a fast-track procedure for marriage annulment, if both spouses do not mind. It allows making it without a marriage tribunal. Now may recognize the marriage invalid and local bishops, not the Vatican, and the annulment procedure should be completed within a maximum of a year.

The Catholic Church officially forbids divorce, but parted spouse may try to prove that the marriage never matched the requirements of the church. Earlier, the annulment was complicated, expensive and time-consuming process, which was not available to many Catholics, especially in poor countries.

Is it possible to divorce for domestic abuse the Catholic Church?

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Answer: According to Catholic doctrine, marriage is indissoluble. The word ‘divorce’ in some translations of canon law on the English language does not transmit as the termination of the marriage end, which cannot exit, but ‘separatio’ – as a separation of spouses.

However, before we talk about the separation of spouses due to domestic violence, you need to try other ways, such as pharmacological and psychological interventions. If the spouse refuses to do it or if the therapy does not give the expected results, then we can say that living together is the cause of serious injury to the spouse and children, and this justifies separatio - the separation of the spouses.

Moreover, the separation - while maintaining, of course, the bonds of marriage - can sometimes be not only permissible but also necessary.

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Termination of cohabitation of the spouses is provided by church canons. Thus, Canon 1151 states that: ‘The spouses are obliged and have the right to maintain marital cohabitation, if a legitimate reason does not to free them from this’. And then, turning to canon 1153: ‘If one spouse poses a significant danger to the soul or the other spouse's body or makes life together in any other way too difficult, it gives the other spouse a legitimate reason to leave by order of the local Ordinary, or even by her own discretion if a delay would be dangerous’.

Catechism of the Catholic Church goes even further, stating: ‘The separation of spouses in certain cases provided for by canon law, justifies, that despite the fact, there is still a marriage. If a civil divorce remains the only possible way of ensuring certain legal rights, childcare and protection of property, it can be tolerated without any moral guilt at the same time‘ (2383).

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In all the cases above, of course, the marriage bond remains indissoluble, and none of the spouses can remarry. Civil divorce in this case - it's just a way to protect the rights relating to children and property. Civil divorce does not apply indissoluble bonds of a marriage. And, of course, sex with people outside the marriage is forbidden.

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