What does gospel mean in Christianity?

What are the various meanings of Gospel in Christianity? Who of well-known singers became a representative of Christian gospel music? Read the information below to learn more facts about various senses of this religious word.

Christian gospel songs

The gospel is the main book in the life of each Christian: all the rest, including other texts of the New Testament, follows from the Gospel and loses any meaning without it. The Old Testament is also read in the meaning of the future evangelical Message. The word 'gospel' in the modern language has two meanings. This is a Christian message about God and rescue of the human race from sins and death. This is also a book stating this message in the form of the narration about the embodiment, mortal life, redeeming sufferings, God death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Originally, in Greek of the classical period, the word ‘gospel’ meant ‘requital for a joyful message,’ ‘thank offering for a joyful message.’ Later this joyful message began to be called so. Later the word ‘gospel’ has gained the religious sense. In the New Testament, it began to be used in a specific sense. In several places, the Christian gospel means Jesus Christ's sermon, but most often, the gospel is Christian message about the rescue in Christ and the sermon on this message.

There are also books of the New Testament, at which there is a description of life, the doctrine, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The gospel is the four books called on names of authors-originators – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. In a number of 27 books of the New Testament, their Gospels are considered as describing rules of God. The Gospel has a big value for Christians. The gospel has a Greek origin. These books are called so because for the religious person there can't be more joyful message than a message about Divine Christ Redeemer and about the eternal rescue. Therefore, reading the Gospel in church every time is followed with joyful phrases.

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Christian gospel music

Christian gospel music

Gospel music is the genre of sacred Christian music, which has appeared at the end of the 19th century and developed in the first third of the 20th century in the USA. Usually, people distinguish Afro-American gospel and Euro-American gospel. The general fact is that both styles have appeared in the environment of Methodist churches of the American South. For the first time, the term ‘gospel music’ was used in 1874. The white Christian gospel songs have developed at the end of the 19th century as a genre of religious music from the mixture of national melodies and Christian anthems. Over time, the gospel has found popularity in the market of the musical industry. The Carter Family group, whose albums had great popularity, was one of the first successful performers of this genre.

The genre of a Black gospel has developed in 1930 in the Afro-American church environment and carried on the tradition of spirituals. The founder of a genre is Charles Tindley – the priest writing texts and melodies to them. The Black gospel differs in vivacity. Dancing rhythms are used sometimes. There is more spontaneous remarks and improvisation. The queen of a genre is Mahalia Jackson, who has individually transferred a Black gospel from churches of Chicago to the world. Her followers, Christian gospel singers, are Marion Williams, Della Reese (repeatedly getting to the American charts with her hits), Ruthie Foster (who has managed to combine a country, gospel, the blues and a rock'n'roll in the albums) and many other performers.

The other singers using gospel in their repertoire are:

  • Ray Charles Robinson,
  • Little Richard,
  • Whitney Elizabeth Houston,
  • Elvis Presley,
  • Johnny Cash.

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