What does Pastor Chris Oyakhilome say on the creation of women and family relations?

Have you heard what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said about women and their role? Did you know he does not believe that women were originally planned to be created? Keep reading to learn more.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

It is truly shocking, but Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stated in his teaching that he believes that the Bible teaches that a woman was not originally planned to be created by God. The congregation found it shocking, but this is what he said.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stated in his sermon that a woman is not an original idea of God. According to his words, when God was thinking about His creation he only had a plan to create a man, not a woman. She only came to His mind later. After the man was created along with the whole other creation, an idea entered God’s head: “Why not creating a helper?”

According to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s words, God looked at a man and thought that he seemed happy and content, yet he was alone. That is why creating a help meet for him was the best God could think of. So, Pastor, Chris Oyakhilome states that even though a woman was not how God saw the natural situation, He thought that a helper was needed to Adam in the Eden Garden.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome teaching

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also mentioned that Adam was not lonely. No words in the Bible state so; however, it might be that when he looked at the creation around him, he felt somewhere deep in his heart that he might be missing something. God left him with much work to do in the Garden so that a helper would be very much welcome here.

This teacher noted that in Genesis “Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good” (Genesis 1:31). However, in the next chapter, God is showing us the reason for creating a woman: “And the Lord God said, “for it is not good for a man to be alone.” (Genesis 2:18a) God considered that the way He created and organized everything was really good, but a man probably needed someone to help him. And that is why He created a woman to be by man’s side, to be his helper, to follow him and obey his commands.

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Pastor, Chris Oyakhilome in his sermon, emphasized that God did not create a woman to take control of man’s life or be his supervisor. Her responsibility is to be obedient herself and help her man in whatever paths he chooses. It was later when the sin came that women started taking control over men as a result of a sinful desire of their hearts to be disobedient as well as a reaction to people becoming cruel and aggressive.

Despite what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has preached recently (in 2016) about women not being God’s first idea, I would strongly disagree with him. Probably I did not get it right from his words, but it sounds like he does not understand God correctly. I do not believe that God would create something He had no intentions of making before. It is no like He would not know how Adam would feel about being alone in the Garden of Eden. God being omniscient knew everything in the very beginning, so He did not just suddenly decide to create a woman for the purpose of helping her man. This contradicts the core teachings of the Bible.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome sermons

So I would highly recommend people trusting what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome says, writes or teaches in his church be very careful and trust the Bible first and then after filtering all the teachings through it trust the teachers.

The idea of God not willing to create the woman in the first place is different from the image of God Lord revealed in the Scriptures for people. And it is not God who contradicts Himself but rather people that present Him in a human-like manner as if He is no higher than us. I strongly disagree with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome not because I am a woman, and I find his words offensive but because I have eyes and free access to my Bible. Reading the Word of God I see God differently from what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome presented in his teaching. So be careful and read your Bible yourself.

And just one more word: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has recently got a divorce. That is why when he starts preaching on women not being in the original plan of God for creation, I get a feeling as if that is his protest against the value of all women. Sorry, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, if I am wrong, but that is how it looks like.

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