What happened to 38 prostitutes in Port Harcourt? – The story of repentance!

What did these prostitutes do after receiving Lord Jesus? The story is so inspiring!

38 prostitutes in Port Harcourt

We all are sinful people. However, at times we consider others to be more sinful because they do certain things. And we even may say things like this: there is no way of forgiveness or salvation for them. But our Lord Jesus Christ died for all sinners, and saves all who repent, even the prostitutes!

What the prostitutes in Port Harcourt did after repentance is amazing!

38 ladies providing sexual services for money in this city heard the Gospel, the good news. They learned that Jesus forgives their sins freely and invites them to become children of God.

 Port Harcourt

This messages has the power to save souls, even the most sinful ones. They attended Omega Power Ministries and in October 2016 they all were clad in white clothes. Why? To step into the covenant with their Lord through the baptism!

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They got into the water and came out as new creation in God. they praised the Lord and prayed with joy of salvation! Hallelujah!

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