What happened to a pastor who chained his son in a church?

A pastor chained his son in a church! What has happened? How did man explain his behavior? Did a boy survive? You’ll find out the latest information here right now!

pastor chained his son

This is extremely heartrending! Francis Taiwo, Key Pastor of Joy Celestial Church had chained his son, who is 9-year-old, for a few weeks in the basement. The man was arrested. Francis Taiwo, who is the fleeing pastor, chained a boy in the church basement, supposedly because of stealing.

The suspect was on the run from Friday. Security officials and police of the Nigerian Civil Defense Corps, Nigeria Security, NSCDC, got into his church to save the victim on Friday.

Security officials in Nigeria, the police Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) on a tip-off from members got into his church to rescue the victim without any difficulties at all. Head of the Department for Relations Police Command Ogun State, Muyiwa Adejobi proved the arrest on Sunday.

Then Ogun State Police Command PRO told that on Sunday the suspect was arrested, due to the help of his own church members.

Mr. Taiwo

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The victim’s (boy's) stepmother had previously been arrested by the police. She declared that malnourished boy will be transferred to the Ministry of Women's Affairs and Social Welfare for needed further rehabilitation.

Further Mr. Adejobi reported that Mr. Taiwo, who is a well-known pastor at the Key of Joy Celestial Church of Christ, Ajibawo, city of Atan Ota Ogun State, as soon as the investigations are completed will be charged to court.

According to sources, the boy was taken to the church for the ‘liberation’. It was forced to starvation for several weeks. It is so heartbreaking! Happily, on July 22 9-year-old pastor's son was finally rescued at Celestial Church of Christ, Key of Joy Parish Ajiwo.

Korede, the little boy looked malnourished, was found chained (and was like that for some weeks) in the premises of pastor’s church, which is located in Ado-Odo Ota division 2 at Ajibawo. They say that he was rescued by some members of NSCDC. According to some sources, the boy was taken for disposal, and was forced starvation within a few weeks.

chained son

This information shocked the whole world! People wonder how they were able to worship God in a few weeks, with a little kid chained like an animal? In any case, the pastor is going to be punished in an extremely strict way according to all the laws of the country. The publicity will not leave this case without paying special attention and will wait for the further news and information. Unfortunately, even people, who worship in churches, may be criminals and very cruel people. So after noticing something illegal, you should inform the authorities.

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