What is a real face of Jesus?

Have you ever wondered how Jesus Christ looked like? If so, you should check out this article to read about some last scientists researches.

real face of jesus

The real face of Jesus is a big question for every one of us. Since our childhood we see him depicted in different ways on the works of famous artists so there are a big number of his face’s variations. However, let us not forget that we are living in the days of the technical progress and modern scientists are able to explore how he really looked like. At least, they suppose so.
According to the Gospel of Matthew, when Jesus was taken by the Roman soldiers inside of the garden of Gethsemane, Judas Iscariot had to show them who Jesus was, as they could not indicate him from his disciples. He was never described in the New Testament, so the question remains the same: how did Jesus look like?

Forensic anthropology

richard neave

There is an exciting new science field called forensic anthropology. It uses methods pretty much similar to methods developed by the police for solving crimes. Forensic anthropology is an outgrowth of the physical anthropology.  It uses the data from different cultures and works of archeologists as well as the physical and biological sciences to collect the knowing of different groups of people.
Scientists from Britain, being assisted by the archeologists of Israel, have re-created the most accurate image of the most known man in the history.
A medical artist who has retired from the Manchester University in England named Richard Neave stated that this science could probably provide humanity with some new facts about the appearance of Jesus Christ.

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Recreating the face of Jesus

recreated face of jesus

According to the Matthew’s descriptions it was defined that Jesus’ face typical to Galilean Semites of his days. So starting the research, Neave and his team collected skulls from near Jerusalem. Those skulls were previously discovered by Israeli archeologists.
Using a few well-preserved skull specimens, scientists have used a computerized tomography which made possible the recreating of muscles and skin overlying of Semite’s face.
There were two main factors that were really hard to be determined from his skull: hair style and coloration. To find these pieces of Jesus’ face puzzle, the Neave’s crew has used the drawings and pictures dated to the first century from different archeological sources. So they have determined that Jesus was more likely to have dark-colored eyes and according to the Jewish traditions, he was bearded.
So, thanks to special 3D computer programs Richard Neave had recreated the face of Jesus.


Neave claims that his research is simply a recreation of a man who lived at the same time and place as Jesus did. Of course, there is a number of people who don’t agree.
An anthropology professor of University of California Allsion Galloway says that the depictions of the forensic anthropology are not science. She claims that many face details just cannot be defined. Such as, the folds of the eyes, nose structure, and mouth shape, so they are simply left to the artists’ imagination.
However, in some things she agrees: "This is probably a lot closer to the truth than the work of many great masters."

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