What is cultism in Nigeria?

Wish to get rich by entering a cult in Nigeria? First learn what it may cost you.

Many people don't know that there is a set of cults in Nigeria, which began at universities and extended beyond their limits. The reasons why people become participants of communities are aspiration to the power, wealth and prestigious status in society. Let's understand what history cults have, what types of them exist and what they are directed to.

What is cultism in Nigeria?

Cultism in Nigerian universities

As we have said, the history of a cultism originates at universities. The first group was created in 1952. It took place in the University College. Selection in this community happened strict. The ideology of such cult consisted becoming more respected students, irrespective of the social status. The matter is that generally rich students, who were connected with the colonial countries, studied in college.

Cultism in Nigerian universities

There was a first brotherhood called Pirates. Later they took a name Sea Dogs.

After some period, another set of communities was created. In general, their quantity reaches about 300. They began to be called secret cults.

 cultism in Nigeria Sea Dogs.

Types of cultism in Nigeria

It is possible to mark out several most numerous and widespread cults. Let's find out what these communities are.

  • The first of them is Black Axe. This movement was created by neo black students. Their main objective is development of a strong body to fight back black students, who oppress them. A symbol of this community is the axe. Here some rules of this group: not to forgive, not to betray, not to condemn, otherwise you should pay off.
    Black Axe.
  • The next cult is called Aro-Mates. It was founded by 3 students, who were registered in community of pirates earlier. Their rules and mottoes were the following: to sing piracy songs, not to recede even before the death and "blood in the sea".
  • Supreme Eiye Confraternity, or Air Lords, was formed by students, who sought for self-development and were independent of other cults. Their main provisions became: "there are no friends and there are no enemies", a brotherhood, and discipline. The symbol of community is the skull and crossbones.
    Air Lords
  • Activity of the cult, called Dedy Na debt, is worship of the demon in an image of the mad person. They consider that their business puts them above all and other cults are senseless. All participants surely do the oath.
    Activity of the cult, called Dedy Na debt
  • The ideology of Ciao-Sons happened due to American and Italian mafia. Inspired by its activity, participants thought up the following rules: secret, gambling, parties, and revenge for oppression.
  • Women's communities, such as Black Bra, Viqueens, Daughters of Jezebel and the Damselalso, were also created. Their ideology leaned on already existing men's communities. Often they were girlfriends or colleagues of participants of secret cults.
    Women's communities, such as Black Bra, Viqueens,

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Kegite club

There is one of the few communities, which have remained till our time. It is Kegite club.

Unlike other, more aggressive groups, they don't adhere to the principles of power, revenge, wealth and popularity. This is a sociocultural community, which believes that all the variety is united. It is widespread on all country. Participants of this group are very tolerant. Therefore, they believe that all ethnic groups are equal. Their main rule is to be yourself.

Kegite club

In addition, the cult propagandizes a number of actions, which promote regeneration of soul, mind and a body after tiresome day.

This ideology has no negative consequences, as many other groups (fear, unreliability, education deterioration, loss of important vital values). On the contrary, the community seeks for improvement of personal qualities.

Now you have learned enough from history of cults. Perhaps, you could carry yourself in one of them? Or, maybe you feel demand to start another fraternity that will have power of cult? Everything is in your hands.


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