What is David Oyedepo biography?

Who is David Oyedepo? How did he become the richest Nigerian pastor? What property does he have? You’ll find out all the secrets of the richest pastor you wanted to know here!

David Oyedepo

David Oyedepo was born on 27th of September in 1954. This is a successful Nigerian Christian author, pastor, preacher and also the founder and leader of Bishop of Living Faith Church World Wide. It is also well-known as the Winners' Chapel. The headquarters in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria present the international churches community known as Winners Chapel International. Oyedepo is also the senior pastor of Faith Tabernacle. It is a huge 50,000 seat church auditorium.  According to the Guinness Book of Records it is the largest church auditorium in the whole world.

David Oyedepo's work

The Winners' Chapel network churches community is located in more than 300 cities all over the whole Nigeria, also in 45 African nations, the United Kingdom, Dubai and the United States of America. Oyedepo regarded as one of the pioneers of the African Christian charismatic movement and has been named one of the most powerful pastors in Nigeria. He is also the Chancellor of Covenant University and Landmark University. He has entered 2011 Forbes magazine as the richest Nigerian pastor.


 David Oyedepo biography

David Oyedepo was born in Nigeria, Osogbo on 27th of September in 1954. But then he lived in Omu-Aran, which is Kwara State, Nigeria. A boy was raised in a friendly mixed religious family. David’s father, whose name was Ibrahim, was a popular Muslim healer. His mom was Dorcas, a member of Seraphim Movement and the Eternal Order of the Cherubim. However, a boy was raised generally by his grandmother, who lived in Osogbo. A lady introduced a boy to the Christian life with their early morning prayers which she visited together with him. A grandmother also managed to teach David the importance of tithing.

nigerian pastor

Oyedepo was reborn in 1969, because of the influence of his clever teacher, whose name was Betty Lasher. She took a great interest in his personality during his high school period. Oyedepo told that he had received a real mandate from God through his 18-hour vision, it happened in May 1981. He was to liberate our world from terrible oppression of the devil thanks to the preaching of the faith word. In July 1989 Winners Chapel had appeared in Kaduna but then moved to Lagos, which is the former capital of Nigeria. It was to start a brand new branch of the churches after David claimed that he had received some instructions personally from God to reach out to all the people from Lagos.

 David Oyedepo preach

David Oyedepo church is very popular. Nowadays Oyedepo is the richest Nigerian with his net worth of about USD $150 million. His church has four private jets and a few residences around the world, including such expensive cities like London and some of the United States of America. David is an author and also publisher of over 70 titles apart from his periodicals. David Oyedepo books are very popular now.

He is the chairman and also a publisher of popular DPH, which is Dominion Publishing House, a publishing arm of his ministry. Dominion Publishing House has over 4 million printed editions up to date. Due to the Faith Academy, Oyedepo Covenant University and well-known Kingdom Heritage Schools the leaders decided to propagandize their ideas using the youth for global impact.

 David Oyedepo on scene

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The teachings and claims of David Oyedepo have already put him in the special category, which is usually called WFM or the Word of Faith Movement. He often referred to some principal exponents of this Faith Movement such as, for example, Gloria Copeland, Kenneth Copeland, E. W. Kenyon, Smith Wigglesworth, the late Kenneth Hagin, T. L. Osborn as well as renowned popular Nigerian preachers Enoch Adeboye and, of course, the late Benson Idahosa as real mentors. David Oyedepo ministries are working quite had not to lose influence.

David’s Winners Chapel works with a Bible training program, mostly popular as Word of Faith Bible Institute for all members, however, also non-members in order to develop deep knowledge of Christian principles and, what is very important, to develop all the future pastors and leaders of the country. Such institute mostly exists in all branches of this Church.

Book publishing

 David Oyedepo pastor

David Oyedepo's church also has its own, huge publishing house. It is called DPR or Dominion Publishing House. It was opened on the 5th of December in1992. Dominion Publishing House has already published about 70 Christian, motivational and inspirational books, magazines, mini books and other resources. Some of David’s books include:

  • Signs and Wonders Today
  • Pillars of Destiny
  • Anointing for Exploits
  • The Healing Balm
  • Understanding Financial Prosperity
  • The Force of Freedom
  • Exploits in Ministry
  • Walking in the Newness of Life
  • The Unlimited Power of Faith
  • Success Strategies
  • Winning Prayer
  • Breaking Financial Hardship
  • Understanding Divine Direction
  • In Pursuit of Vision
  • The Winning Wisdom
  • Releasing the Supernatural
  • Understanding the Power of Praise
  • Walking in the Miraculous
  • Understanding Vision
  • Anointing for Breakthrough
  • Towards Excellence in Life and Ministry
  • Understanding the Anointing
  • Success Systems
  • Exploits of Faith
  • Satan Get Lost
  • The Blood Triumph

Personal life

 David Oyedepo family

In 1982 David married a lady, whose name was Florence Abiola Akano (now she is better known as Faith). Now a couple has four children, their names are Love, Isaac, Joyce and also David Jr. Isaac Oyedepo and David Jr became Pastors in May 2007, ordained by Kenneth Copeland. Then David Jr became pastor at the London Branch of his wife’s Church. However, now he works as the pastor of Faith Tabernacle, the Ministry's headquarters church. At the same time Isaac Oyedepo is a pastor too, he works at Winners' Chapel International, which is located in South Africa. He works there together with his wife Ayomitide.

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