What is the essence of religious scandal in Kaduna?

Are Christians suffering persecutions in Kaduna state? Find out now.

PFN accused El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna, of incitement of the conflict between Christians and Muslims. He has issued the bill, which strikes the rights of Christians.

kaduna state conflict

However, representatives of the church assure people that they will do everything possible for protection of the Christians rights in Kaduna.

There was an action on Facebook, in which participants ask El-Rufai to repeal the order. The decision of church depends on the government of the state. The order is given for consideration by parliament. The government of Kaduna, in turn, says that settlement of the relations between Christianity and Islam was the purpose of this law. In their opinion, the bill is necessary to reduce distinction between two religions.

Christians and Muslims in nigeria

But PFN has opposed the law. They consider that it is anti-Christian. Their chairman said that it is wrong to create advantages or restrictions for any religions by the government. He believes that it isn't necessary to concentrate on this problem and to disregard others.

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"Nobody could think that our educated and all dear governor will become the reason of such conflict. This law is a guarantee of new war between Christians and Muslims. The Christian precept says that it is impossible to evade from religion. It is necessary to preach it. Thus, the law violates rules of our belief. There are set of other laws helping to fix a problem without violating the rights of other people. Therefore El-Rufai needs to take away his offered bill and reconsider the views" – the representative of Christian church says.

Christians and Muslims kaduna

The regional government of the state has confirmed possibility of new conflicts. They have insisted that it is necessary to change the law.

This is all known information for today. Follow the news to learn about further actions of the government.

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