What Is the Meaning of Ramadan Kareem?

Did you ever wonder why people greet each other saying “Ramadan Kareem” around Ramadan? If so read my article to find out why and what stands behind this greeting.

Ramadan kareem

Ramadan is considered to be the “glorious month” as the Prophet Mohammed called it so. It is a month of intensive religious disciplines and charitable giving, fasting and Quran study. Despite the pressure some people experience during the period of Ramadan, “Ramadan Kareem” is supposed to remind them of the “blessings” they get during this time of the year.

Ramadan greeting mentioned above basically means “Ramadan the generous”. During this time of the year Muslims do not eat or drink in the daytime. They also restrain from any kind of sexual activity as well as swearing, smoking and irritation.

Ramadan prayer

They aim to practice self-forgetfulness and forgiveness, pray more and donate money to the poor and those in need.

Invalids, pregnant women or women during their menstruation that cannot fast are allowed to eat while others are fasting. However, the law that works for them says that as they are not fasting they have to bring food to the poor or homeless or give enough money to the poor so that he would have food for the whole month.

Muslim prayer

As we already mentioned, Muslims do not eat or drink in daytime; still they are allowed to eat and drink after sunset and before dawn. So the family gets up long before the sunrise to have their first meal which has to be nourishing as their next meal will only take place after sunset.

The time Muslims consider as appropriate to start eating differs. Some Muslims believe that as soon as sun cannot be seen and is heading to the horizon they can start having dinner. Meanwhile, others wait until thick darkness comes.

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Muslims praying

Nevertheless, fasting without trying your best not to sin is absolutely pointless. Allah announced in th sacred texts of Muslims that there is no need for a Muslim to fast if he does not abandon his sinful deeds. Their Prophet promised not to accept the sacrifice of fasting in case he notices the person swearing or losing his temper.

Even if it seems to be a tiring practice, Muslims proclaim that Ramadan is a month they are all waiting for. They claim it brings them happiness and a feeling of being united with other Islam followers.

Praying on Ramadan

Reportedly, Muslims claim that their Ramadan greeting is the one that expresses the whole idea of this holy month: blessings and prosperity to those who obey the teachings of Quran.

Some scientists provide a different explanation for a Ramadan greeting. As they explain, a word “Ramadan” is derived from an Arabic root of “Ramdh” that is a “burning agent”. So Ramadan is believed to be the time of the year when all wrongdoings of Muslims are burnt and no longer kept.

They explain that the root of the word means fire or extreme heat which will burn everything it gets to.


I heard about the sacred month of Ramadan , I know that Muslims adhere to many customs , do not drink and do not eat well, and the rest , as described in the article. But for me it was interesting to find out why the Muslims during the greeting to the holy month of Ramadan, say Ramadan Kareem . Honestly , after reading the whole article , and I did not understand why " Karim " . Maybe just do not carefully read what-if, but no .. However that everything else , thank you for the excellent little article , sufficient information .

Answered 1 year ago.

Ramadan is considered a time of purification. Undoubtedly, fasting is an important part of it. But not the only one. In the first place and the post, and any other actions at this time should serve one purpose – to cleanse. It is believed that all dark thoughts and desires, to overwhelm man in the days of the great lent come from evil forces, but from the man himself. During this month people especially need to concentrate on is to become free even from bad intentions. At this time, the Muslim must spend time in the works, constant prayers and especially the reading of the Quran. It is believed that to read the entire Quran in Ramadan – especially pleasing to God. Another important point is charity. Any good deed done at this time should be marked by special behest of the soul, since only a nominal implementation of the requirements of Islam will not bring goodness. Every action and even the post must come from inner intention.

Answered 1 year ago.
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