What is your attitude to polygamy in Islam?

Is polygamy still accepted in Islam? The answer is definitely yes! What are polygamy and bigamy indeed? Find out everything you wanted to know about polygamy relationship here right now!

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The attitude to Islam, its traditions, customs and believes may be different.  However, it’s certain that modern life in Nigeria is considered under the Islamic rules and traditions, but not the Christian ones. So polygamy in Africa exists and certainly will exist.

Polygamy definition

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If to talk about polygamy it’s certain that it still exists in Nigeria. Nowadays even Christian people live in the polygamy marriage. So why do people choose polygamy relationship? Why is it still allowed and legal in many states?

Polygamy is polygyny. This is a form of relationship, existing during the centuries in the eastern and African countries. Polygamy is quite an ancient view on the relationships. Men used to have a lot of wives in order to have more children, which meant more heirs.

Thus men need plenty of wives. In case I some children died, they had some more. Previously, it was a need. Although, it was difficult, men choose that way, because they needed to continue their generation.

Nowadays polygamy in Islam is a kind of a tribute to tradition or the wish of a person. Now medicine has become much better, so the kids die rarely and there is no certain need to have a lot of wives and children.

If a person chooses to have more than one wife he needs to think about the financial side of the question. The man, who has polygamy family, needs to maintain everyone in this family. Nowadays it’s not easy. In Nigeria the poverty is much spread. So the polygamy families start to disappear despite of the traditions and customs.

polygamy relationship

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Men understand that they don’t have enough financial base to maintain more than one wife and one or maximum two children.

The other aspect of polygamy family is kids’ breeding. If a man has five wives and ten children, can he give these kids everything they need? The proper education, attention, food, clothes?

Every kid needs father’s attention, especially if it’s a boy. If a man works a lot, trying to get money for the financial base of the family, he has no time for kids and wives, of course.

The polygamy family is the right choice for a person who can afford it. The businessman, who spends a lot of time at home, can pay attention to his kids and wives, can afford this type of the relationship. But simple worker? Maybe but there won’t be a proper, friendly family. The kids won’t have enough attention, they will think the ‘working’ father is normal. Then such kids may create the same family.

Bigamy vs polygamy

polyga,y relationship

Bigamy is a special case of polygamy, when a man is married to two women. In some countries, bigamy is punishable by law, while in others it is quite common practice. Bigamy is rare, polygamy happens more often.

Of course, the type of relationships is always up to you. Choose one, which can make you and your family happy.

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