When is Easter day 2016?

Why do we celebrate Easter? The Lord has risen! He gave us the forgiveness of sins and reunited us with God. When will the Easter be in 2016?

Most Nigerians believe in God and honor their Lord Jesus Christ. Since Easter date changes, you must know about the Easter 2016? When will it be celebrated? What is the sense of the holiday? You'll find answers to all these questions in the article.

When is Easter day 2016?

Why Easter is celebrated?

Many people keep asking not just What is Easter? They are also interested in why lots of Christians in the world actually celebrate it.

In general, Christians celebrate a resurrection of a God’s son – Jesus on Ester Sunday. According to Bible, 3 days after Jesus death on the cross, he came back to life. While his death is commemorated on Good Friday, we celebrate his resurrection on Sunday.

 Easter day 2016?

It is main religious holiday, as Jesus Christ has died for people's sins. Through his death and resurrection, he has given people, who believe in him, an eternal life. That’s why this day is so important for us.

Special ceremonies in the churches all over the world are held on this day. Besides, it is the most attended service of the year. Even those people, who do not usually go to the church, come to listen to it. The Lord has risen and we praise and worship Him for what He has done for us. 

Easter 2016 dates

Easter 2016 dates

The dates of holiday are different every year. The only thing that stays the same is the day of the week – it is always Sunday.

In 325 CE, the Nicaea Council established Easter to be carried out on the first Sunday, which comes after the first full moon occurring on/after the vernal equinox. If a full moon happens on Sunday, it's necessary to wait for one more week.

Christians celebrate

There have been several reforms concerning the dates made. For instance, Council of Churches offered to follow not the equation, but the astronomical calculations to define the date. It would also change the difference, which exists between churches, which are based on various calendars – Gregorian or Julian one. Nevertheless, such reform has not been accepted yet.

Another reform was proposed in 1928 in the UK. They planned to set up a fixed date, which would fall on the first Sunday coming after the second Saturday in April. However, such initiative was not adopted as well. That’s why today the dates of the holiday keep shifting.

Easter Sunday 2016in Nigeria

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Nigerian issue

What concerns this year, Easter Sunday 2016 in Nigeria is going to fall on the 27th of March. As in many other countries, it is an important holiday for all the Christians. Of course, the celebration of the Easter in Nigeria has its peculiarities, which are as follows:

Easter 2016 in Nigeria

  • Church service. Most of the citizens come to listen to it. They do it in order to worship their God.
  • Family feast. It is a vital part of celebration for all the Nigerians. You can usually see some special meals on the table, including, goats, rice, salad and some other dishes and drinks. Besides, it is necessary to pray before having dinner.
  • Visit to the village. On this day, people like coming back to their native homes, as most of them live in urban areas. There it is possible to take part in various traditional activities and enjoy the natural environment.

You see that the Ester is an important part of life in Nigeria. There are many Easter quotes created by people, which you can find on the Internet. On the cross He conquered death and came to bring us the good news. 


Now you know, when one of the key Christian holidays's going to be held. You can prepare for it and even keep the fast. Get to know about Nigerian traditions of celebration and immerge into the culture of this country.

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