Where do demons come from?

What do you know about the demons? Where do they come from? What is their origin? Is their story so clear?


There are a lot of people who is familiar with The Bible and read at least some verses of this sacred book. The Bible explains all things on the Earth but it seems that there is no verse connected with the birth of Demons. According to the Christian tradition, the demons are the Fallen Angels who rebelled against God and cursed for eternal damnation in Hell with their leader Satan, previously known as the holiest amongst angels. On the other hand, there is only a tradition that demons came from this way, and that tradition was also written infamous Milton`s epic creation Paradise Lost. If the Bible contains nothing about the notorious rebellion of demons, so where are the origins of the story?


According to Jewish Traditional Manuscripts, like the Dead Sea Scrolls, it`s revealed that demons come from a dead giant Nephilim. This giant perished it the times of the great flood and from his body thousands of demons were born. It may sound like a bad story for naughty children, like the one that demons come out on Halloween. Nevertheless, it`s the ancient scroll that has connections to the modern Christian religion and culture. What is the Nephilim? According to old scrolls, it`s a son of a mortal woman and god`s children, also known as angels. Nephilim was a creature of immense power, that`s literally hidden in its name “giant”.

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Apkallu is a central divine of Mesopotamian culture. They came from the sky as dispensers and share knowledge with people and also have some sexual interactions with daughters of humankind. When greater gods decided to destroy humans. As it becomes later the survivors of the flood which came from skies were also children of Apkallu who managed to rebuild the civilization. They started the even greater civilization, the center of which was Babylon. The sons of Apkallu also started to call themselves as mats-storey, which means watcher and was also giants.


The interesting fact is that old scrolls have the same scenario of creating those half-gods. They became watchers of human civilization and contains both gods and human origin but how are they connected to real demons from hell?



According to Israelites, what Apkallu did to humans was a sin and their giant offsprings were the demons that later became the enemy to the true God. Apkallu were responsible for the annihilation of Israel a long time ago. Nephilim kind later came to the Moses and Joshua conquest. According to saint writings, the Israelites fought with a group of giants called Anakim who were descendants of Nephilim. Joshua tried to annihilate all of Anakim kind, and supposedly, he succeeded as only three of them left, the famous Goliath was one of the survivors. The preservation of the Nephilim giants as demons in biblical definition comes from the Old Testament where those demons were called Rephaim – giant warlords. These giant warlords possessed all features of the demons like disembodied spirits who came from the Underworld where there is no God only damnation. According to the Old Testament, the place from where the Rephaim came from was referred as Gehenna, which in the New Testament has another name as Hell.

The book of 1 Enoch


According to the Book of 1 Enoch, the demons were bastards of angels which supposedly had to protect human civilization but instead of this filled the Earth with blood. God didn`t spare those giants and angels who made a sin with mortal women. God caged them underneath the Earth for seventy generations when the final court comes to play.

The Dead Sea Scrolls


According to the Scrolls, the demons come from the first wife of Adam, Lilith who were damned by God and also fell to Hades with her lover Lucifer. She could only bring life to the demons, the ugly and filthy beasts who tortured her from the birth and no one else.

The Modern Look


The modern look of demons came from John Milton epic creation Paradise Lost where demons were damned by God for rebellion. In this case, some theologians may see them more as rebellion who desired to have equal freedoms as humans or they just were filled with envy and jealousy for humankind. They become a part of tales that describes that demons come in your sleep, they come from mirrors and as an evil and shallow entities they can pose human bodies. Nevertheless, demons can`t come to your body or home if you didn`t invite them.

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