Where Is Sharia?

Pardon my inadequacy in poetry. I was just trying to express myself in an arena where I am not a professional

Sharia! oh Sharia!

Where are thou?

When you reincanated

At the beginning of this republic

Thou have come to stay, I thought

For your exhumer sounded very serious

From Kano to Katsina!

Sokoto to Zamfara

From Maiduguri to Yola

Thou art the beautiful bride

What about Bauchi and Gombe?

With pump and pageantry

Your arrival was announced

Everybody was so fond of you

"For you possess the magic wand

To all our problems"

Or so we were made to believe

But the occupier of the Rock thought otherwise

"She shall soon be divorced"

He predicted

For you were a political bride, he claimed!

How prophetic he was!

Beautiful Sharia

Thou art a runaway bride

Despite all the noise made

And resources commited to your engagement

Your existence was but short

For you are no longer relevant

You have been

Used and dumped.

Do I miss you, my dear?

May be. May be not!

May your soul rest in perfect peace

Until your presence is needed again.

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Yes Oga Olabowale. I was refereing to political sharia not real Islamic Sharia that has been in existence in Nigeria.


Whats long thing referred to above?


@Mantee: Sharia has always been in Nigeria. It was part of the first constitution. Have you heard about native court? That is Sharia, among the Mus''lims. And its every where there is a community of Mus''lims. Its death can not come as long as there are humans alive. If you say that some persons are using it as a political tool, then thats something! Deceit does not have a strong footing to stand on! But that will be separate from Sharia. Every Mus''lim should use it as a guide and self preservation. But it is also better when it is the guide of the collective members of the community, regardless of its volume!


Thats u spora. love the way u take up issue in a lighter mood. Yes sharia issue was political. It is sick now. In a year or so it will die, then bury before the end of this adminstration. It may bounce back if we have another Christian as president

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