Which sex positions are allowed in Islam?

Are there any sex positions forbidden In Islam? The answer can be found here! Is there any information in the Koran and also the Hadith? Everything about intimacy in Islam is here!

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Sex positions are important topic to discuss in any religion. Sex positions allowed in Islam are not the exception. There are three of the most natural human poses: stand, sit (or on one's hunkers) and lie. As for the sex positions, Islam has allowed all of them on condition that the unnatural acts will not be committed - such as anal sex. Nonetheless, according to the doctors, ‘standing sex pose’ is not desirable too.

That leaves two poses: on hunkers and lying. According to the Qur'an and also the Hadith gave some subtle indications. For example, Allah Almighty told in one of the verses of the Qur'an: ‘He, the one, who created you from a single person. He has created from him his own wife and he had found peace in her. And when he covered her, she suffered a light burden ... ‘(Qur'an, 7: 189).

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This is about the position when the lady lies on her back, the man lies on her - that way he covers her body with his own. In the Hadith of bathing there is the following method of copulation: ‘... When anyone of you sits between the four parts of the woman, and then penetrates her...’ The scientists have found different interpretations of this phrase ‘four parts of the woman’. Apparently, it is about the pose when a lady raises her knees and the husband penetrates her, sitting on his haunches - in this case, her thighs and shins are the ‘four parts’. Well, Allah knows best.

Also any other position or pose, which will give pleasure to couple, is quite possible and acceptable. One day Hazrat Umar committed sexual intercourse with his beloved wife and he was behind her (but not anal sex). Subsequently, then he got an idea that he did something very undesirable. So he immediately ran to the Messenger of Allah, exclaiming: ‘I destroyed, I destroyed...’ He was asked what the matter was. Answering, he told about his fear and that he did something wrong and undesirable. Then the Messenger of Allah told nothing, without giving an answer. A little bit later, new verses of the Qur'an came out: ‘Your wives are arable land for you. Come to your arable land, whenever and however you wish’. (Qur'an, 2: 223)

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Then the Messenger of Allah made totally clear the meaning of that verse this way: sex is admitted in any pose, in front or behind, if there isn't anal sex, which is totally prohibited. And the example given in our Qur'an is arable land that can be approached from any possible side (doesn't matter which), if the seeds are sown in appropriate plowed field, but not in another place! Accordingly, any sex positions in Islam after marriage are allowed: man may be on his wife, or a wife is on her husband, whether they lie on the sides or the husband is behind, whether they lie or on their hunkers - all positions are permissible if his ‘seeds’ are sown in the ‘arable’, but not in some another place. So you will not have a chance to find any sex positions not permitted in Islam. Also there is one false belief among the Medina Jews, that a baby, born from sex in which the man was behind his beloved wife, will be cross-eyed. So some Muslims were misled by this funny myth. And when the said verse was revealed, all such superstitions were broken and forgotten once and for all since then.

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Also there are just two actions prohibited between the husband and his wife in an intimate relationship:

1) Anal sex

2) Sexual intercourse during menstruation.

Before answering the question of whether oral sex is admissible or not, you must first know that the intimate relations are possible only between a man and a lady who are married (Nikah), recognized by the rules of Islam.

The man can enjoy his wife anyhow he wants, there are words in the Qur'an about that. We’ve told about that above. As for oral sex in general, Islam does not forbid spouses oral stimulation of the genitals. According to the permissibility of such a form of relationship between the spouses, there is some information in such books as: Fathul Muin: 3/387. Ianat al-Talibin: 3/388.

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But some influential Islamic scholars do not recommend doing this and ejaculation in the mouth is considered taboo. It is acceptable, but considering two aspects:

1) That it doesn’t harm;

2) Do not swallow dung.

Swallowing the sperm is forbidden, though it is clear itself, some fluid can exude with sperm. Abu Yala told: ‘It is permitted, when a husband makes an oral stimulation of the genitals of his woman before the sexual intercourse, but it is not desirable (makruh) after having sexual intercourse’. Ikna fi Fikhil Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal: 3/240.

Oral sex is admitted only within marriage and with the consent of both partners. The husband doesn't have a right to force his woman to oral sex. And if there is ejaculation, orgasm, it is needed to make an ablution.

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The Islamic faith hasn’t left humanity any single question unanswered. Issues related to the intimate marital relations are no exception too. This delicate topic is always given special attention because it is truly an integral part of any life and it is also directly related to procreation.

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