Who created God – 2 main points of view for Nigerians

Everything has the beginning and the end. How about God? Who created Him or how did He emerge? Let’s discover the available theories.

The question who is God is deep enough and you can find many answers to it in various religions. In fact, there are over 4200 of them in the world! However, the question “who created God?” is even more fascinating. Religious leaders, philosophers and even scientists have spent centuries trying to answer it.
who created God?

Still, the answer can be very simple: no one. Of course, it all depends on what you believe about God and who you think he is.  Different religions have a range of ideas on this subject. Although, three main ones pretty much come to agreement on this issue. Christianity, Islam and Judaism – all of them confess one and only God. They believe God is infinite, endless, uncaused, He is the Spirit with no beginning or the end.

who created God 2Basically our faith in God determines the answer to this question. We cannot see God or measure and test Him. So, there is no scientific (empiric) evidence we can use to answer this question. Was God created? Did he ever have a beginning? Would he have the end? All we know about God is based on two main sources;

  • what He Himself has revealed to us

  • what His works reveal to us

  • God in flesh

Till this dWho created God 9ay people cannot answer even a simper question, such as what is consciousness, what shape does it take and how it came to being. We have hard time understanding ourselves, and yet we attempt to make judgments on higher matters. So, what is the origin of God? Let’s discuss this issue in the light of the two above stated sources of information on God.

Who created God – the theory

Information source #1:

The Bible (Torah or Koran) tells us that all things were created by God (Genesis 1). Everything in our world: the matter and none-material things have their beginning in Him. He also provides us with several of His names and lots of information on His character, qualities, preferences, rules set by Him, intentions, etc.

Who created God – view for NigeriansIt is similar to how a person would introduce themselves to us. What would you feel if someone told you: I know you better than you know yourself? I know you like bananas (when in reality you hate them)! No one knows you better than YOU. No one can tell you how you feel or what you should like or dislike. It would be violation of your basic human rights.

That is true when we talk about God. He is the one, Who has the deepest knowledge of His own self. So, it would be right and just to base our judgments and ideas on Him on what He has to say about his personality. The problem is people have hard time agreeing on what is the true Word of God. While God has created faith, people have created religion, a whole range of them and now they get confused.

Information source #2:

The creation (or the products, works of God) is our second source of information. After your own testimony, your works is the best source of info on you. They say: deeds speak louder than the words. So true. People may say things, promise (like politicians do) and never keep their word. So, basing the judgment on actions and products is smarter than on words.

 God – 2 main points of view for NigeriansWhat does universe reveal us about God? The psalmist says: How many are your works, Lord!    In wisdom you made them all;   the earth is full of your creatures. Psalm 104:24. So, all we need to do is to investigate and study those works. That is exactly what scientists are doing. We all see the magnificence of heaven and earth, the universe and its endless galaxies and stars. They amaze us. The power of the elements frightens and enraptures us.

It is just like the works of a great artist. We admire them and understand that these works reflect the personality of the creator. We esteem such people as Steve Jobs, who were able to change our world and introduce new ideas, technologies and devices. We know smartphone creators were smart, intelligent, brilliant, genius, don’t we?

The same way, when we see the works of the Lord, we should admit and credit Him with genius of creation, with brilliance and amazing power. He holds it all from the tiniest particles to the largest systems.

Information source #3:

Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus? The first chapter of the Gospel of John tells us that He is the Word of God in flesh. He has come not only to redeem the world, but also to show and manifest God to people in a tangible form. He said that those who saw Him, was the Father.

Who created God points of view for NigeriansNow, based on these 3 sources of information what conclusion can we make on who created God? Still it all depends on our faith. The Word of God tells us He is eternal. The creation of God testifies of Him immense power and wisdom. God Himself reveals that He is the Alpha and Omega – the first and the last. He has no beginning or the end. How is this possible? Well, it’s hard for us to understand, because we live in the world of beginnings and ends. The only way we can visualize the eternity is by looking at a ring – it has not beginning or the end. Still, can we deny the fact just because we cannot comprehend it?

Now, there are two main scientific points of view on this question: atheism and creationism. Let’s take a closer look at both of them.

Who created God – atheism vs. creationism

1.  Atheism
It used to be based on Darwinism. Charles Darwin believed he produced a reliable scientific theory on the origin of things and the universe. The problem is atheists cannot defy God, unless they produce some kind of reliable theory for how things came to be. At first it used to be Darwinism. The theory stated that at the beginning was the “Big Boom”, and all things came to be from nothing. Then the matter organized itself and evolved in living matter and eventually in intelligent beings, such as you and I.

Who created God 8It might seem like a smart guess at first, but even Darwin himself wrote that in the future when people would start making excavations, they would find millions and even trillions of transitional forms of  various living organisms. If that would happen, then his theory is true. However, that has never happened! They have found several samples of “transition”, but most of them are fake. Plus, there have to be millions of them to make even one evolving change in the organism and make it stable in the specie.

So, basically theory of evolution proved to be false. It has no real scientific evidence that is exactly why atheists keep on looking for a new explanation, such as "steady-state" theory or something else.

2.  Creationism
Obviously, this theory is based on idea that universe has a creator. Logic is the surest proof of it. For instance, if someone came to you and told you: this PC was shaped during the big boom (explosion) at the IBM factory. It has all the software and hardware it needs to operate and it is branded with the IBM logo, but it got created all by itself. It got self-organized and crafted. Would you think I am mad?

Who created God – 2 main points Surely, you would, as such things never happen. Nothing in our world just “gets created”. Smart phones do not evolve from old and outdated phones back from the 90ss! Every creation has a creator. There is a person or a group of people behind it, who got the idea, developed it and finally produced it. So, why should it be different, when we talk of our Earth or universe? It did not come about without a cause. It has smart and intelligent design in its making. Logically, there must be a creator of it.

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 So, who has created god?  According to God – no one! He has no beginning, nor the end. He is infinite! The rest of it is really the matter of preference and your personal belief. 


If God created all, then what was cause of God? Why is reasonable believe, that God has always been? From purely scientific sense it's easy demonstrate, that matter is by nature can not be eternal. Universe is expanding, which leads us conclusion, that it was beginning of space and was beginning event in past. Problem here is that people have misconception about God. If we view God as physical, anthropometric (as man) being, then question of the origin of God's right. Nevertheless, such representation is alien God.

Answered 2 years ago.

My personal outlook about creating god is the same like Muslim people. Because, I believe that god is not beginning and not end. And also I believe about "big boom". Although, Everybody of us have heard about Darwinism’s ideas. But I am not agree with before-mentioned idea so much. By the way people, who do not believe god, they think about "big boom" absolutely true. From here we have many questions in this point. If "big boom" have been in really, so it apparently created by someone. So there are many reasons which we can give like solve this issue. But all of us have our points in this theme.

Answered 2 years ago.

I agree with the one point - that God has no beginning and no end. Because nobody has created him - he has always been and his existence has no end. I think that the main point of this fact is our beliefe in his existence. And all this theories try to confuse us, make us think logically but not believe. God has created us and he doesn't want to show us his existence to make us believe in him, but not just know that he really exists. That is the main point in our religionreligion - not to know but to believe in him by all our hearts!

Answered 2 years ago.

Bearing false witness (lying or misleading) is a sin against the 9th Commandment yet you willfully violated it in misrepresenting or outright lying about atheism, evolution and cosmology. Atheism is just the nonbelief in god or gods due to lack of credible evidence. Nothing more, nothing less. It has nothing to do with Darwin, evolution, or cosmology. It is just the simple rejection of the theist's god claim. Evolution is an established fact and the Theory of Evolution explains this fact in quite comprehensive thorough detail. It was established as fact dozens and dozens of years ago way before modern genetics. With genetics further proving evolution one is either delusional, willfully ignorant or dishonest in denying it. Furthermore, evolution speaks to the diversity of life on earth, NOT on it's origins or anything in cosmology (Big Band etc.) Evolution by means of natural selection has support from virtually ALL fields of science - with not a scintilla or shred of evidence to refute it. To refute evolution is to deny ALL of science - the science that enables you to post this tripe on the Internet and a computer (invented btw by a homosexual atheist). Now comes Creationism which has ZERO empirical evidence backing it up and which is UNCONSITUTIONAL to teach in science class. That you need to lie about these topics reveals a deep immorality and dishonesty. Or are you just delusional or willfully ignorant?

Answered 2 years ago.

I strongly refused being hunted by idea of who could create God. Let the unsolved mystery of His Holy beginning remain undiscovered. I sincerely believe not all the things we dying to know were made to be opened to us. The human nature tend to face reality with the limit of understanding basing on facts nothing is made for eternal exesist in this life of a daily routine.

Answered 2 years ago.

The Religion Is such a famous and simultaneously too complicated issue. No one actually can tell you exactly is there a God or not. Consider Myself To be very much an atheist. Therefore it is extremely for me to force this leap of faith. I find that there is no logicin a bible theory. But i guess some of us do believe in God and Jesus Christ, they think he was the savior and they are certain then after death you may go to heaven. People can argue for decades no one can be 100 % sure, do i guess we will find the answer after we will,won't we?

Answered 2 years ago.
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