Who is God?

Learn about your Creator, His character and will for your life. Meeting Him can become the biggest event in your life. Do not miss on this opportunity.

God is a supreme being, because He is the Creator and we are the creation. All the people of this world cannot match His abilities or supremeness. At this the greatness of God is manifested not only in splendor, but in devotion and sympathy; in kindness and amnesty; in mindfulness and concern for people.

who is god

What makes the existence of God evident?

How do we know who is God? How can we tell He is somewhere out there or is He right next to us? Where do we get the info from? Glad you asked. Let’s get some answers.

There are 3 main sources we can use to find out who He is:

  • The Bible

    How does God talk to people? He talks through His word inscribed in His book – the Bible. Bible is the Holy book of 3 world’s central faiths: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The writing of it took over 1600 years. It consists of 66 parts, and each of them is an independent book on its own.

    How do we know the Bible does not lie? No problem, evidence is abundant. First of all, this book is prophetic. It contains over 1800 revelations for the history of mankind. For now some of them have already become the milestones of our history. This is the stoutest proof of its accuracy and validity as the Word of living God.

    Two thirds of biblical revelations have been accurately fulfilled. 1/3 is still to be seen by us to come true in the prospect. In fact, we live in the time, when one of the most marvelous Bible forewarnings have come to pass – state of Israel has been formed anew in the promised land in 1948. 

    In the Bible God reveals his persona, His laws, His plots and His deeds. It’s the people He deals with the most. If you wish to know who God is, search the Bible and ask Him to disclose Himself to you, because God is not a hush-hush one. He wants to be recognized by people. 
  • who is god 2YOU (Humans)
    Scientists have counted the chances of you being you (the genes, the location, the gender, the family, etc.). Here is the numbers they got (the chance of you being around):

    1 : 400 000 000 000 (400 hundred billions – the odds against you).

    Do you still need more proof? You are not an accident, you have been planted, dream of and wanted by Him.
  • The creation

    Creation of God – nature, cosmos and people – is the best evidence of His reality. 

    Over the last decades many kids have been taught in schools that we come from apes and that the cosmos is the accident.
    Still the theory of evolution is now dead. Even the experts do not respect it anymore. The Bible says:

    “For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.”  (Romans 1:20)

    It simply means we can identify the Creator by His creation. When you see a laptop, you know someone has made and designed it. You can find the inscription with the company name on it, but in any case you know it has been crafted by humans.

    No one has a whim that there was a big boom at the factory and we’ve got new iPhones in the stores. It is an absurd idea, because these gadgets are very complex and they tell us much about their designers. Again, no one would think that an iPad was designed by a fisherman with no tech education. The device tells us of high level of intelligence of its maker.

    It is so with the creation and Creator. There is nothing as amazingly made, as human body. The whole Cosmos and natural laws testify of the intellect, plot and magnitude of their Creator. So, that is the real and obvious to all proof of God’s reality and of the glory of God.
  • Jesus Christ

    “No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.” (John 1:18)

    Jesus was the bodily display of God on this Earth. He is the living Word of God incarnated into a human body. We know that Jesus is a historical personage. He came to manifest and unveil the spirit and will of God to civilization.

The Trinity of God

Now, Bible discloses one of the most incredible concepts on God – Trinity. From the very first leaves of the Bible and the book of Genesis we learn that God has three personas in Him. It is one God, but in three persons. In Genesis 1:26 we see the first name of God exposed to us: Elohim. It means more than two.

A simple way to fathom out it is taking a look at water. It’s the same H2O, but it can be liquid water, vapor or ice. Or, let’s take an sample of an egg – it has the shell, the white and the yoke, but still it is one egg. The being of God is a symphony of three entities.

This concept could be hard to grasp, but its very fact testifies of the trueness of the Word of God. People could never come up with anything like that. It is something God reveals about Himself. This same trinity is shown also in humans. Every person is made in the image and likeness of God.

We all have body, soul and spirit. So, in genuineness the trinity is a very innate concept to us. We do not see the souls or spirits; nevertheless, we know they are there. We are the living evidence of the living God; intelligent creation of the smart Creator.

Character of God                 

who is god 3

So, who is God? What His nature is like? Again, we can learn about it from the two above stated sources. Let’s learn about some key traits of God:

  • Creativity
    The world around us reveals God as Creator. Today we value creative people and all kinds of creativity. It is the very thing that has conveyed about so many scientific discoveries and inventions. It enables people to craft art and exquisiteness. Creativity is one of the pronounced features of God.
  •  Goodness
    Gog is good. Not only the Bible tells us so, but we can individually encounter His kindness and mercy. Many people ask why do we have wars, famine and other troubles in the world that is if God is good? How could He permit such things? It’s just that: God has trusted this world to people along with all the creation. It is not Him, but us to make answerable for the distress in the world. He is the fixer and we are the troublemakers.
  • Justice and righteousness
    He is just in His reasoning and there is nothing the matter with God – that is what virtue means. He is the pattern, the criterion and the benchmark in words and in actions. His being is perfect, while human beings are sinful. Sin simply means missing the mark, the mark set by God.
  • Eternity and infinity
    His being has no beginning or end. The utmost and most holy name of God is: I AM. He not only has life, but He is life. John 14:6 – Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. God has no limitations. He is not limited by time, nor by substance, neither by space and domain.
  • Love
    Sometimes the Bible uses adjectives to portray God, but in certain cases it uses nouns. Love is one of them.  It is His heart, His nature. And He expresses love and sympathy and exhausts them above all else. He has shown His loving kindness in the coming of Jesus Christ.

The names of God

When we meet someone the first thing we ask is their name. If you wish to know who is God, you should learn and comprehend His names. They are many. The names of God are full of meaning. They reveal His attributes.

We have talked about one of them Yahweh – this name could be pronounced by men only once a year in the divinest place of the shrine. It reveals the deepest concept about the nature of God – His being and His infinity.

There is also the Adonai – Lord. It states the supremeness and lordship of God over all the creation on heaven and on Earth. El Shaddai speaks of the dominance and might of God. The very fact that God has some many names tells us that Hi is manifold and interminable in His nature. They also testify that God desires to be known by men; He does not want to hide from individuals.

The will of God

who is god 4

 Now, when we got a general idea of who He is, we should be enthusiastic to learn more. What does He do? What does He plan for His creation? How can I know the will of God? Again, we have the most dependable sources: the person of Jesus Christ and the Bible. They reveal His will to us.

How does God view people? Does He hate us for our sins and deficiencies? Does He want to reprimand us? Jesus Christ came to manifest and declare the will of God.

“Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me… I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart.” (Psalms 40:7-8)

The coming of Christ was predicted by God. He has sent His Son to show His love and care for us. But remember the God is just and moral. He cannot endure iniquity; it has to be reproved. That is why Jesus has died on the cross and shed His blood. He has paid out the debt we owed to God – the obligation of just penalty for our sins.

Jesus has made it possible for us to receive the grace of God and His forgiveness. He has paid the high cost with His own blood. So, now people can be walking with God in their daily life and receive His love and forbearances instead of rage and devastation.

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So, who is God? He is who you let Him to be in your life. He can be your salvation and solution, or He can be a stranger you know nothing about. The choice is yours.

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