Who killed RCCG pastor Mrs. Eunice Elisha in Nigeria?

Why such a horrible thing as the murder of RCCG pastor took place in Nigeria and who did it?

Who killed female pastor

This horrible event grieved many believers in Jesus Christ. One of their sisters was murdered when trying to spread the Gospel of our Lord. Who did this horrible thing?

Who killed female pastor in Nigeria?

Eunice Elisha loved and served the Lord. On July 9 she was on her mission, spreading the Good News. She had no idea how it would all end. The preaching has turned her into one of the martyrs for faith in Nigeria.

The woman was 43 years of age and her death is untimely and sorrowful. All her family sincerely grieves the loss. She served the Lord at Redeemed Christian Church of God.

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 killed female pastor in Nigeria

Her path led her to Gbazango-West, in Kubwa. There she met some men, extremists, who assaulted her and cruelly murdered. She was the mother of 7 kids! They cut her in the throat and stomach and left her to die there, losing her blood. Her cell phone was not taken. It was found near the body, but obviously the woman could not use it to make a call.

female pastor in Nigeria

Next to her laid her Bible. No one has seen, what happened there and no one came to her rescue. For now, we do not know exactly, who murdered the woman. However, there are many suggestions on the subject. She preached in the area with a mosque in it. They suspect the murderers come from some fanatic Muslim sect.

Presently police cannot say for sure if the Muslims are to blame for the death of our sister and servant of the Lord. Unfortunately religious haltered and fanatics escalades in Nigeria. More people have suffered from it in other states. Jesus promised to bring sword instead of peace to this earth. That is what is happening now. So, stand in prayer for the safety and blessing of those, who preach the good tidings.


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