Why Do People Clap For Men Of God When They Are Preaching?

Today we see a situation where members clap for men of God during sermon. This indeed is a strange fire in God's santuary.  The word of God is supposed to be delivered under the unction of the Holy spirit who puts this divine word into our mouth why then should a pastor be appalauded for statements that are not supposed to be His in the actual sense. These pastors has allowed this ungodly tradition to persist in their churches and this makes one wonder weather sermons are delivered for the pastor to be worshipped and praised of for God to use it to work in peoples lives. Since when did the word of God become entertainment? The bible told us "For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any double edged sword. it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joint and marrow, it judges the thoughts and the attitudes of the heart (hebrew4;12)". How then does this attract applause? Yet canality and self glorification wont allow some of this so called men of God to stop this ungodly attitude. All these are what satan is using to fight the gospel of our Lord Jesus i  this last days. Let people stop worshipping the creature and worship  the creator.

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I have three reasons why clapping during a sermon should be well received. I have been teaching my launch team this.

1) It gives the preacher feedback. When a preacher is up there preaching and he's trying to make a point and no one budges or moves, the preacher might feel like they haven't grasped it. But when the church understands and agrees on a point that is so powerful and true, clapping tells the pastor that they are agreeing. Yes, saying amen is great too, but clapping can help the church be more alive.

2) It encourages the pastor. Let's be real. Pastors need encouragement too. Tough crowds are tough to preach too. When the crowd begins to clap the pastor keeps going and gets excited about what he's preaching about. It tells the pastor that the church is also excited about what you're saying.

3) It glorifies God. As it was put very well by some people here, it glorifies God. In sports games, people clap their hands when they favorite team scores right? Why wouldn't we clap our hands when we are reminded or when we learn that Jesus has beat sin and given us a second chance? I feel like not clapping and rejoicing after hearing truth like that shows the world that we're not really excited about this message. If nonchristians come in my church, I want to show them that we are excited about the Pure Word of God, we are excited about its message and excited about people coming to saving faith! If sports teams get applause, why not Truth spoken through a pastor. It's not meant to glorify the pastor, it's meant to glorify God. As Pastor Judah Smith always says, "A silent church is a dead church, and we're not a dead church!"

By the way, I have been thinking a lot about this topic because I just recently planted a church in Bethlehem, PA called Pure Word Church. Check out our website (under construction right now). www.PureWordChurch.org. God bless!

Pastor Tim Azevedo


They are glorifying God rather in these men. Jesus taught that men could glorify God through us.

Matthew 5:16

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Galatians 1:24

And they glorified God in me.

Claping is a form of expression of joy, and also to glorify God.

Psalm 98:8

Let the floods clap their hands: let the hills be joyful together

Psalm 47:1

To the chief Musician, A Psalm for the sons of Korah.

O clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph.

Matthew 9:6-8

But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins, (then saith he to the sick of the palsy,) Arise, take up thy bed, and go unto thine house. [7] And he arose, and departed to his house. [8] But when the multitudes saw it, they marvelled, and glorified God, which had given such power unto men.

Mark 2:12

And immediately he arose, took up the bed, and went forth before them all; insomuch that they were all amazed, and glorified God, saying, We never saw it on this fashion.

Luke 5:26

And they were all amazed, and they glorified God, and were filled with fear, saying, We have seen strange things to day.

Luke 7:16

And there came a fear on all: and they glorified God, saying, That a great prophet is risen up among us; and, That God hath visited his people.

In as much as it is supposed to be a spiritual thing, we cant deny they fact that ,men could get charged up emotionaly sometimes.

Luke 11:27

And it came to pass, as he spake these things, a certain woman of the company lifted up her voice, and said unto him, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked.

People are free to express themselves before God. nobody is forced to clap. And if for any reason, such instructions is given, what we hear is " Give God a big hand" " give God praise" "lets clap for the lord Jesus"


Owning a car is a basic necessity of life. In the bible days they had there own means of transportation which was horse and carmel. But pray, what is the neccessity in clapping for a man who is delivering the word of God? Did I condemn men of God riding cars here? Am talking about things that has the tendency of placing man above what he is not. Read my post very well and you will understand that God's word is not an entertainment that should attracT some kind of applause. I know Christians nowadyas will always want to back up all their actions weather wrong or right with biblical quotes but does that change its original meaning?? NO.


na wa o.

Poster, why do people drive cars these days since cars were not driven in the biblical days?

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