Why do we pray – 10 top reasons Nigerians pray to God

Prayer brings heaven down to earth. Find out 10 reasons to pray and stay strong in the Lord.

Prayer is a communication between two worlds: the one we see and the one unseen. It makes a great advantage for those, who know how to use it. It is the real power capable of changing a person’s life. Let’s take a look at 10 top reasons to carry out your spiritual life.

why do we pray?

Why do we pray? 

  1. Because the prayer makes you a part of something bigger than what you are right now

    power of prayer 2It brings you up before the heavenly throne, where angels and those glorified praise the Lord, pray and worship unceasingly. It makes you the part of the family of God.

    You do not need to be perfectly smart or spiritual to pray. What you really need is to be a child of God to pray and ask of Him. Just like our own children.

    They come and ask us for things. It is a normal part of life. Small kids trust their parents so much, that they feel perfectly safe and protected.

    All their needs are met in the presence of their parents. Kids expect their parents to handle things for them. They come and talk to their folks.

    That is exactly why we pray and what we do, when calling out on God. He is the father (Ephesians 1:3). So, number one reason why do we pray? – Because we are the children of God, looking for His protection, provision, solutions, help, and mercy. You just name it. 
  2. Because God is rich and good, willing to answer us

    God is goodWe are still in that first chapter of Ephesians. It’s a great prayer of Paul and he gives us some good reasons to pray.

    One of them is the richness of solutions that can be gotten from heaven. Being stuck in the earthly situation we may focus on small things and troubles.

    We live and act conferring to our circumstances, financial abilities, Nigeria news, politics, etc.

    But God answers our prayers according to HIS RICHES and glory! That is the solution that can make a real difference in your life. That is the one you truly need! (Eph 3:16)
  3. Because the answer comes from within regardless of the outside

    the answer is withinLife can be tough. When you look at it without any faith, you can easily get depressed. The good news is that the answer comes from within where nobody can see it, but God and you.

    When you pray, things start happening within you and the life starts changing in an amazing way. The power of prayer is downloaded into your heart and soul and starts manifesting from there.
  4. Because prayer is like a workout for your inner man

    reason to prayYou cannot be possibly physically strong spending days on a couch watching TV. You need some excessing to build that muscle. The same is true about the inner man – your soul and spirit. Supplication is a spiritual workout you should be doing daily.

    The importance of petition is in its ability to create a strong inner self in you. When the trouble comes (it surely will sooner or later) you become capable of dealing with it. You have that inner muscle to hold on and fight your way to victory over any situation or problem. “But you, dear friends, by building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit” – Jude verse 20.

    You create that inner strength, when you pray in the Holy Ghost. You well up with power and ability to survive and live down any hardship that comes your way.
  5. Because it plugs you into your spiritual heritage

    power of prayerWhy do we pray? If you start building up your strength during the tough times, you are already too late. No one starts working out just few days before the power lifting competition! Sportsmen take months and even years to prepare.

    When you talk to God, you get his heritage into you. Yes, your natural family might have brought in more problems than blessings. However, the heavenly Father has amazing legacy for you. He is the champion. Once you get to know Him by talking to Him, you get that same nature built up into you. All the faith of all the generations before you becomes yours. That is the true power of prayer.

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  6. Because it helps you to get to know yourself deeper and discover your inner gifts and asset

    gifts of the SpiritIf you look at other people and think: I am nothing compared to them, this means you have not been spending enough time in prayer.

    Instead you have been wasting it trying to match those around you.

    Talking to the Almighty uncovers your gifts and unique personality. God never suppresses people.

    Religion does that.  It teaches us that the prayer is a ritual and something you can’t skip. It robs us of the true meaning of it. It prevents you from discovering the true self.

  7. Because we get the power to resist the enemy

    power of prayer 3If you wish to know how to pray effectively, you need to understand what supplication is and what it is not. It is the direct communication with your Creator, Who wants and is eager to hear you, hear your prayer request and provide the best possible answer in your interest.

    Once we start believing that GOD IS FOR US, we stop being afraid of the enemy. He is not such a big deal anymore. Getting that power within you flash it out and win the battle. That is why devil does everything in his power to pervert the concept of prayer, make it boring or ineffective.
  8. Because it changes the circumstances on the outside

    prayer has power to changePrayer is like the charger. You cannot charge a device in a second. The energy level builds up gradually. It has to stay plugged in for a while to get fully charged and work properly.

    If you feel like you always operate on the edge of breaking down and running out of power, it might be that you do not get fully charged in the Lord’s presence. Spending enough time and effort in prayer makes you build up that inner strength and it starts manifesting on the outside and changing your life and circumstances. The outward would not last, if it does not match the inward.
  9. Because it makes you able to receive abundant blessing

    abundant blessing in prayerNothing on the outside of us lasts unless it is rooted within. You need strength to handle crisis, but you need even more of it to handle blessings.

    Prayer and closeness to God is the foundation you cannot miss to build before getting blessed. Else it won’t last.

    Communication with heaven provides you with the ability to receive heavenly blessings, opportunities, gifts, ministry, jobs, etc. A blessing can crush a person not ready for it.
  10. Because it creates a new normal for you

    why do we pray 2Not all people can take things equally well. Someone’s normal can be your crushing point or the other way around.

    Communication empowers you to move from level to level, from glory to glory. It grows you. What was normal yesterday becomes piece of cake today. You gain the ability to handle bigger things in life.

So, what is prayer and why do we pray? There are at least 10 great reasons to do so. You can share with us your reasons for talking to God in the comments to this post.


When the person prays to God - he communicates with Him like with his father, because we all are the God's children. The way to communicate with Him is only through the pray. We confess Him in our bad or good deeds. This also helps us to realize the problem and to understand how we can solve it. While praying, we have a believe that God hears us, that he would help us and he would leave us at hopeless situations. This makes of belief stronger and more powerful. And the understanding that the God hears and would never leave us alone, makes us more confident about the future.

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