Why does religious crisis never end in Nigeria?

Find out why there are so many religious tensions in Nigeria and how can the problem be solved!

religious crisis

Two major religions of Nigeria are obviously Christianity and Islam. They basically divide the country into 2 parts which leads to religious crisis in Nigeria. Muslims live on the north and Christians – on the south.

Taking into account the huge population of the African country, it is sometimes too hard for the citizens to be tolerant to people who are different. That’s why many people ask how can religious crisis be solved in Nigeria?

The situation is actually quite dangerous as if the tensions increase, a lot of people are in danger to lose their lives. That’s why both sides of the country have to make a compromise.

Otherwise, the consequences will be horrible.

Even now there are a lot of people killed every day just because they don’t share the same ideas.

The world used to be ignorant about the Nigerian conflicts but when Boko Haram committed appalling crimes, everyone immediately got scared.

What they did was kidnapping hundreds of kids for their dirty purposes. Some of them were killed and some of them were used as slaves.

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There is no doubt that Nigeria is not the only country where the terrorists are so active. However, the problem is that its population is one of the biggest on the planet.

If all the people get together to start a religious war, there won’t be many survivors. Moreover, it will mean that the entire continent is in danger.

Religious crisis and politics in Nigeria

religious crisis

The international security service is particularly worried about Nigeria as the terrorist power is increasingly growing here.

The authorities express their dissatisfaction with the Nigerian government. They say that they don’t act enough to stop the religious violence. Sometimes they pretend that nothing is even happening.

But it’s not the way it should be. All the terrorists should be stopped immediately and the religious freedom should take over again.

It’s obvious that these tensions have a background. It all goes back to a few centuries ago when the Islam was the first religion to appear in the country. Everything was quiet until the Christians came.

And that’s how it all started – people couldn’t understand each other’s ideas.

Even though the most of Christians live on the south and the most of Muslims – on the north, it’s still not that simple. You can still find Christians on the north and Muslims on the south.

That’s what makes the situation a lot more serious.

Ethno religious crisis in Nigeria

The several ethnic groups also have different religions. For example, Igbo’s are mostly Christians while Yoruba include both religions. And it’s a surprising fact that they can get along very well with each other.

There’s no explanation why there are no tensions between them. Maybe it’s because they have lived together like that for a really long time. They are already used to each other and that’s why they don’t tend to judge each other.

religious crisis

However, people on the north who are mostly Muslims, feel like their religion is more important than the others as it was the oldest religion there. Moreover, it has influenced a lot of historical events.

Their ethnic group is called Hausa-Fulani.

It was also a slavery that influenced the tensions between two parts of the country. Most of the owners followed Islam and it made the slaves hate this religion.

That’s why a lot of them turned to Christianity which seemed a lot more loyal and helpful to overcome their troubles.

Oil and other economic issues

Oil is what brings the Nigeria its income. And when the whole business started, the situation in the country changed a lot.

First of all, it made possible for the groups to separate and follow their own religions as now there was enough money to do it. But the economical situation got worse as the corruption reached a really high level.

 The government is focused on getting more and more oil, which is of course not a bad thing. However, it tends to forget that there are a lot of unsolved problems except this one too.

If the people don’t get treated the way they should be, their earning capacity gets lower and lower. Therefore, the quality of work suffers too.

But it’s not that bad nowadays. The situation with religious and economical tensions is getting better because of the attempts of the president Buhari to end the people’s sufferings.

religious crisis

Even though right now there were several attempts to assassinate him, none of them was successful.

Even though Buhari is Muslim, there was no aggression from the Christian side of the country.

It’s mostly because the most important thing is that he is doing his job well – he cares about both religions and he is really trying to overcome severe tensions.

Most of the Nigerians find him the best option they could choose from.

Both Christians and Muslims understand that right now it’s more important to stop the aggression of the terrorist groups and to learn how to live peacefully without serious conflicts.

The Nigerian president has shown himself as a responsible man and people tend to trust him as he is not trying to get profit from his position.

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