Why El-Rufai preaching bill is illegal?

What are the latest Kaduna State news on El-Rufai religious bill? Find out now.

Recently Kaduna state evoked much buzz on news. It had several reasons to do so and one of them is the El-Rufai preaching bill. It is a sort of religious law that limits the freedom of Christians to preach Gospel and freely speak out their minds in the state. Surely Mallam Nasir El-Rufai has valid reasons for such a step, but is it legal?

Why El-Rufai

First of all Nigeria is a multi-tribal nation with many religions practiced on its territory. According to stats about half of its population confesses Christianity and the other half confesses Islam. Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna state has gotten in the center of regions conflict between Christians and Muslim.

Why El-Rufai preaching bill is illegal

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The new bill has several flaws in it. For one, it limits the freedom of those Christians, who have not been certified by the JNI or CAN. Only the certified “preachers” can share the Gospel now, but how about the words of Jesus? He gave His church the Great Commandment to preach the Gospel and that includes all the believers with no need to get certified. Basically, such a law restricts religious freedom of people.

Governor El-Rufai news and prophecy

Then there is the issue with limiting “public places” to just few locations. And there is the problem with   religious law discriminating other religions besides Islam or Christianity. Yes, the freedom of word and religion is one of the key rights of Nigerians according to their constitution. However, many people face tribulations and persecutions when they try to follow the Word of God and keep it.

El-Rufai on Jesus

Besides trying to pass such an ungodly preaching bill El-Rufai has made some daunting statements about Jesus Christ. He claimed that the Son of God had wives and had sex with women. He took to social media to tear down religious purity and holiness of the Lamb of God.

 El-Rufai 2016

Governor El-Rufai news and prophecy

Several men of God in Nigeria prophecies over the man and declared he would be struck dead by now. One of them was Apostle Johnson Suleiman from OFM. He cursed the Kaduna state governor for his words and ungodly initiative. The video got widely spread on social media.

El-Rufai on Jesus

The time will tell what would come out of the preaching bill. Will it bring peace or evoke more struggle and fight between Christians and Muslim? 

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