Why pastors shouldn't have private planes?

Do you know some pastors who own private jets? Find out if it is a good idea for pastors to have a private plane.

privat jet pastor

The pastor job is a great responsibility. That’s why those who perform this job should always remember that they are being an example to follow for a lot of people. Can pastor own something super expensive like, for example, a private jet? Let’s figure it out!

There are different opinions on this topic. Some of the people don’t have anything against the religious leaders owning expensive stuff like that while others disagree.

Many people tend to be very stubborn and totally not open-minded which sometimes leads to the senseless arguments and fights.

According to the most people’s opinions though, the people whose job is connected with preaching can’t have a right to have a private jet. It’s mostly because it is different from the ideas of the church.

People who are teaching others the word of God shouldn’t own that much as they are basically lying to those church visitors who are in need.

The job of preacher is supposed to show an example of good life according to what the Holy Book states. Otherwise, the pastor can’t be totally honest and compassionate to the others.

However, there still are a lot of pastors in Nigeria who have private jets and who are really not embarrassed about it.

The supporters of the pastors’ right to have private jets state some arguments why it is not such a bad idea.

Firstly, a lot of famous and rich people own it. So what is so bad about it if you can afford it?

privat jet pastor

The answer

The problem is that the pastors are supposed to live on the money the church visitors donate them. And they definitely don’t have an intention to provide the preacher with such an expensive thing.

Any other celebrities can buy anything they want and it won’t make any difference. It’s impossible to compare these two kinds of people as their functions in the society are completely different.

The pastors usually introduce themselves as those who are trying to teach the people about the God and promote the lifestyle of Jesus. They are not saying anything about money.

In fact, they never bring up this topic. And that’s quite understandable as not all the religious people have enough income to live on.

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The entrepreneurs have the right to buy any expensive airplane or villa because it is their job. That’s what they make money of – they get the profit. But the preachers are normally not supposed to get it.

The church is the place where you are supposed to be close to God. You can donate money if you want. But this money usually is not supposed to provide the pastors with private jets. Who would even want it?

That’s true that pastors don’t pay taxes. That only makes the situation worse. How can a person who is not even paying taxes and lives on the donation money can be able to afford this kind of things?

So if the pastors are buying stuff like that why can’t the church visitors have it too? Is it really fair that when you come to church for the spiritual purposes everything you get are the words of the pastor about God?

And how can we even be sure that what he is talking about is really truth? When a preacher owns stuff that is so expensive, it makes the trust questionable. Therefore, the whole purpose of church is not fulfilled.

What if it was a present? Do they have to just throw it away?

privat jet pastor

The answer

A lot of people think that if the head of the church has a jet, it might have been just a present from some kind religious person. Obviously, it happens from time to time. But it is still not a good excuse.

If a preacher meets such a nice person who doesn’t mind to spend so much money to make someone happy, he should suggest spending all that money on something more important and needed.

For example, charity. It can also be used to improve some other churches’ condition.

If the pastor just accepts this kind of gift, it means that he supports corruption and even is a part of it.

The pastors are the special people chosen by God. Don’t they have to have special conditions of living?

The answer

They becoming pastors doesn’t mean that they can earn more money than the others.

Why would the pastors have the right to have more luxury as the others? Their job is about spirituality. They are not supposed to want those things at the first place.

That’s the reason why owning a private jet makes the preachers look like liars and really dishonest people.

privat jet pastor

The people still argue about it but they can’t find a good decision. There are a lot of rich Nigerian preachers and people tend to find a good excuse for them owning so much stuff. However, there is no such thing.

It is simply not a right thing to do for the people with jobs like this.

Moreover, if you look at the life of Jesus, you will see that he didn’t own any luxury private jets. He had a really small amount of properties. That’s why preachers are usually supposed to have the same lifestyle.

He never asked people to pay him as some pastors do now. If you face a situation where a pastor wants money from the religious people, you should realize that it is a pure corruption that needs to be stopped forever.

Therefore, the final answer is no. That’s not a good idea for preachers to own a private jet or anything as much expensive.


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