Why should we praise God – 5 top reasons for Nigerians

Wonder why praise God? Get five best reasons to do it and discover 5 tops ways of giving Him the worthy praise. It's a must read now post.

Most of us spend Sunday mornings getting up and heading to church. The next thing we do we start singing worship songs and engage and praise and worship. We say “Halleluiah” and maybe even raise our hands. We may should out loud for Jesus Christ and praise him jumping up. The question is why do we or why should we praise God

why praise God

What is worship?

We need to realize what worship is to get the answer. The epistle to Hebrews 13:15 tells us: “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly profess his name.”

First of all worship is a part of relations with God. It has no meaning outside the relations. Some people get religious and do things or say things just because they think it is right to do them. That does not work with worship. “Fruit of lips”  - just walk outdoors and try to find fruit growing on a bare ground with no plant, leaves or roots attached to it. There is no such thing as that.

fruit of lips praise A fruit needs a tree or a plant to be produced. It does not just pop up on a bare ground. Fruit takes time to grow.

The same way the worship is something that takes time to come about. The words you say or sing are the fruits you bear, but the root is found in your heart.

You can make lots of noise and sing all the songs you know, and still not worship. It has two sides to it. Worship is the act (when you say things or sing and praise) and it is an attitude that grows inside your heart. During the praise your attitude has to fall in line with actions!

Now, religious worship can become a hard work. If you do not feel grateful and blessed inside, you would have a very hard time showing it on the outside. Sometimes your lips “write a check” your heart “can’t cash”! That is not worship.

5 top reasons why we should praise God

You really worship and you need to learn how to praise God, if you can say this with me:

  1. i praise god I am appreciative

    There is a difference between the two first reasons. Being appreciative means you know how to see good things instead of being focused on bad ones. That is where your focus is. Do you see what you do not have or do you see the things you do have? When a person is appreciative, it is much easier for them to be thankful and to worship God. You see what He does for you and your heart naturally opens up to praise.
  2. I am grateful
    Once you know the things to appreciate, you can as well thank for them. Often times we realize how much we treasure something, when we lose it. There is another way to boost your level of gratefulness. Just take time and see what other people are going through. Did you know that half of the globe’s population lives under the live of poverty? These folks do not have the basic things for life. So, if you have food on your table and some clothes you do have much to be grateful for. If you have two hands and two feet and some health, be grateful. Not everyone is as blessed as you are. Just check out on Nick Vujicic to appreciate what you have and thank for it with a sincere heart!
  3. I am real with God
    praise the LordSome people try to pretend to be somebody else. That is what religion does. It helps you hide who you really are. However, Jesus said the worshipers should do it in spirit and truth. I

    f you pretend to be someone else and cannot show your real self through worship, you fake it.

    Only those able to show their true identity have the reason to worship God. If you show who you are you start to know who He is.
  4. I met Him, personally
    There is no other way or reason to worship God unless you have an encounter with Him. Once you meet Him and get to know Him personally, you can’t help falling in love with Him. You admire Him. Your heart fills over with good feelings and your mouth naturally finds good words to tell Him.
  5. I love God
    We love with our hearts first, but our lips speak out of the abundance of heart. This is the only reason and true kind of worship. It’s in your heart first and it flows out of you. To love Him, you need to know Him and meet Him. See, praise is all about personal relationships.

Why should we praise God - 5 top ways to praise God

  1. praise and worshipFeel
    First, you feel a prayer or worship. That is what we have talked about above. You get those roots of praise in your heart and then you manifest them outwardly.
  2. Pray
    You may worship in prayer. Just say the things you feel inside of you. Do not limit your prayer to asking and begging for something. Just talk to Him as to your friend and share your heart and good time with Him.
  3. Sing
    There are many worship songs out there. Find those that express what you feel in the best manner. It’s not so much about how well you sing, but rather how well you feel the praise.
  4. Shout
    Yes, you can get loud praising God! Again, it should not be done just because everyone else is doing it or such behavior is deemed spiritual and proper.
  5. Lift your hands
    You can lift your hands as a sing of getting surrendered to Him and expressing your admiration for Him.

The answer to “Why should we praise God” question is very personal. It is just between you and Him. Praise and worship is not meant for public.

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You can do it in church, but if church is the only place you worship God, you are in trouble. You might be faking it all. Better check your heart and ask Him what He thinks of your efforts. 


We are all the children of God. He loves us all equally and we should have also a communication with him, in order to tell him about our needs and problems, to ask him what we really need and, ofcourse, to thank him for all the things that he gives us every day. We all have many things in our life to be grateful God for. And this type of communication between the person and the God is called the pray. Its wery necessary for each of us to show the God our love and gratefulness and to show him that we really need him in our lifes.

Answered 2 years ago.

Soul and our body need to be maintained, so we eat, drink to maintain our body but we should praise to maintain our soul. I agree with what told above. Moreover, God does not want us to idolize him. We need understand that as W.Dyer said 'I am what I am', 'I am the God' and it does not mean that you are something powerful, it means that you realize that your God is in your inward world, God is love who impose you to love and be thankful for every smile of your new day.Everyone can choose the way to praise but what should be considered it is the sincere words which your heart dictate to you but your lips pronounce them.

Answered 2 years ago.
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